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Considering launching, buying, or growing a franchise or business? We help you automate, monetize, and optimize your operations and promotional return on investment… all while having 1:1 direct access to the expert. The best part? We guarantee results! Let’s talk about how you can GROW + Thrive [even now, especially now] xoxo KK❤️

Who We Are

We are an innovative, boutique company. We develop, design and execute marketing, sales and creative services in partnership with our clients.  Whether you’re a startup or established business, we help you acquire & retain more clients, patients, customers, followers through specializing in effective strategies to help you reach your target client in person and online, positioning you for consistent and strategic growth. A comprehensive approach ensures your growth strategy is seamless and effective.

What We Do

We provide digital sales & marketing services.

1:1 Mentorship + Advising

Top performers work with KK to do one thing they say she does better than anyone: Help with GROWTH holistically and strategically as a 1:1 mentor and as the expert who directly leads the consulting, data analysis, and tactical to do’s.

Chief Revenue Officer: Growth + Strategy

Combining the proficiency of a Chief Revenue Officer, mentor/advisor, and growth strategist all rolled into one, KK’s clients call her their secret weapon due to her conversion-driven focus on growth, alongside affordable, full-service support to handle the areas that require expert implementation… all for a flexible, low cost!

Digital Marketing + Advertising

We offer professional Search Engine Optimization (SEO), SEM (Pay per Click) and Paid Social Advertising that help you to maximize your presence on Google and Social Media.

Sales + Conversion Strategy

Conversion is an important, often overlooked part of your marketing strategy. It’s as imperative to convert new clients as it is to acquire their lead information… when you’re working in the business of health & wellness- it’s even more essential that your marketing goes beyond reach!

Data Analytics + Targeting

We utilize the techniques of some of the largest, most innovative and admired companies in the world… data analytics allow you to do more with less, to create and attract the right client every time and to seamlessly increase your bottom line with fair and balanced expenses. Sounds too good to be true for a business at your stage? It’s not- it’s the future and we are confidently implementing these tactics successfully in the present with record profits to prove it!

Content + Creative Services

We create custom blogs, emails, video and bespoke content that speaks to your clients so your brand and services resonate with their needs. In the highly competitive nature of the industries we specialize in, we know what works- it’s all about engagement and reaching clients to inspire taking action across the web and beyond!

Join The MVMT

Our teacher training equips you with the essentials of modern mindfulness practices, behavioral training, and the science of movement to inspire yourself and future clients. The Mind + Body MVMT can be used to help your clients (and you!) feel healed, whole, and healthy… it’s a modern take on mindfulness-based stress reduction through somatic, invigorating MOVEMENT. It is equal parts behavioral therapy, invigorating fitness, personal development, and somatic movement. With 24/7 support and multiple ways to earn, the goal is not to take away from the many options for fitness and wellness, but to be accretive- ultimately helping you to offer more of your products and services thoughtfully and consistently to the client who desires meaningful change.

Exclusive Access to Growth Capital + Investment

Overcome the #1 reason for growth delays and lost opportunities by making it easier to scale, fast. Let’s talk about you you can improve your current client conversion while maximizing profitability with new ways to grow your bottom line… trust an expert! Whether investing our own equity, adding support and expertise or helping you scale faster, KK is a sought-after expert who works hand-in-hand with local business owners, founders, busy professionals, and enterprise franchise teams in fitness, beauty, health, wellness, and tech.

About Us

We are your partners for growth.


With the right systems, you can maximize efficiency and profits. We help you streamline your practice operations and marketing, without adding to your to-do list. Automation is not just for factories and retail companies. One of your fastest opportunities to grow is to automate- let’s get your staff, software/technology and promotions automatic and systematic!


Effectively monetizing your business requires time, skill and creativity. There are a number of options to improve the practice and increase productivity using digital marketing solutions and focusing on conversion. Making more money means you can help more people, growth faster and continue to support the communities you believe in. Let’s talk about how marketing can improve your earnings instead of draining your budget!


It’s now possible to convert your business metrics and analytics into data points and then use that data to optimize every aspect of your marketing and promotional spend, even your budget and digital marketing spend. This means less waste and more ROI as quickly as possible!

Level Up

Level up with the ability to utilize comprehensive coaching and support, helping you get your sales and marketing implemented, measured, and ready to grow even faster!

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Todd C.

Todd C.

CEO, US Based Healthcare Management Group (B2B)

An essential part of our rapid growth as a network of practices has been due to our ability to provide top level marketing solutions and disruptive communications strategies with Hart Marketing & Communications. Working with an agency that operates like a business partner, with employee-like interaction and accountability synergies has drastically reduced our cost, which increased our ability to find profitability in our promotional programs. If you're looking to make more money, you won't find a better ROI!

Ashley T.

Ashley T.

Founder & CEO, Global Business Focused on B2C

When you're looking to globalize or expand market share, it's nearly impossible to do with out SMART marketing. We were marketing before working with Koreen and her team at Hart Marketing & Communications, but the difference in skill, the level of specialization with the entire team being based in health & wellness industries, and especially the focus on ROI- were completely different than even when we had in-house marketing, and when we worked with freelancers. This has been the game changer for our business to scale expediently and efficiently. We love having you as a part of our team!

Rich H.

Rich H.

Content Creator/Small Business Owner

Ms. Hart and her team 10x-ed our social media and following within months! We've worked with many of the top managers and media experts in the worlds... yet we've never seen more passionate, skilled results- along with an expert who truly cares about your goals and keeps you on track to reaching them with her proven methods. As a creator, I never thought taking my content seriously and treating it like a business would lead to so much success... even after 10 years in the industry! Give them a month- this team will help you GROW- pretty sure they even guarantee it. Best decision I've ever made.


SEO + Paid Advertising

Social Media Marketing

Custom Website Development + Enhancements

Marketing Strategy + Content Creation

Conversion Optimization

Grow your business. Leverage your brand. Help more people.

A dynamically innovative digital marketing presence should allow clients to be strategically targeted and re-targeted based on their interest, activity and unique demographics that predict their ability to convert quickly. We know each new client is not just a customer, they are a person you can help care for, someone who needs your expertise, and will be a client that you will not only convert but also engage with at a personal level that encourages them to share their experience to inspire others to do the same. Isn’t it time you promoted your services and products purposefully and ethically?

  • Comprehensive Digital Strategy
  • Market Research
  • Opportunity Analysis
  • 1:1 Consulting
  • Brand Planning
  • Video Production + Editing
  • Conversion & Data Strategy
  • Logo & Branding
  • Website Design
  • Paid Advertising
  • Client Experience
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Blog & Content Writing