Ever notice that many of us in leadership positions whether as a business owner, in a professional career, a creator, a side hustler – we all have similar needs…

Let me take a guess at this- you need to:
💫 Make (more) money
💫 Be as productive as possible
💫 Enjoy life
💫 Repeat

And yet, while those basic needs appear straightforwardly similar in theory, we all know that each need is different for each person, depending on so many factors including your lifestyle, age, personal needs, business climate.

I created this blog, originally as a way to document my best practices for taking the best care of myself, while enjoying a super successful and fulfilling life and career. For so long I didn’t believe both could be true and now, at the ripe old age of 30-none-of-your-biz, I’m experiencing even more highs and shattered glass ceilings at a time I assumed my success would slow down…

It turns out, my walk the walk *and* talk the talk manner is needed not only as a business coach and sales/marketing consultant, but it has also proven beneficial to those who’ve also wanted some strategy, support and intentional thinking around aspects of their life needs!

I’ve been so thrilled and excited to mentor many to not only have record-breaking success financially, but also improve things that used to be considered soft skills like how you look and feel, or finding your soulmate and actually balancing that along side focusing professional success! Learn from my (and client) successes and also learn my failures so you don’t have to!

I’m living my own best practices and I have to admit, it feels GOOD🥰 But you know what I realized felt better?! Each and every time I heard someone rave about ‘living their best life’ and really, truly meaning it (no grandiose bravado or ‘fake it till you make it’ here!)

So here’s the thing, if I’m being honest… Not everyone is capable of attaining this level of well-rounded, ahem well-versed success. I don’t look at the world with rose colored glasses (anymore!), I realize that after 20 years of living the life I love and loving the life I’m living that the people who get to this level have only one thing in common- and it’s likely not what you think! They desire proactively seeking to improve in all areas of their life, personally and professionally… unapologetically and unabashedly!

The problem? Most of you all have no idea what you don’t know. And you certainly don’t have time to guess and check this shit… it’s too important, you’re too busy, and frankly, you are likely able to see and navigate the world in a way that allows you to take advantage of opportunities that others would only dream of and often enjoy the benefits of doing so. I call those everyday luxuries and I don’t give an F who thinks they’re pious 🙅‍♀️

So join me, as I unlock the secret life of truly living WELL, thriving personally, professionally and every thing in between.

This is the kind of “for us, by us” stuff that I honestly don’t feel is appropriate to put out into the world for just anyone. If you’ve found this, it’s because there’s something inside you, something about you and definitely something you probably want to keep improving alongside this fabulous life you’re building.

So with that, I promise to be so honest it hurts, provide you only the best practices, and document every single one of my proven blueprints alongside learning some new ones… I’ve been doing it for so long on a 1 on 1 basis, that I’m finally choosing to provide a broader format while still staying unapologetically true to my roots and my people. That’s you!

That means no weird stuff (unless you end up thinking it’s weirdly awesome!), no apologies for or awkwardness about success (boy am I over that BS), no politics/pundits, no spaghetti at the wall tips and tricks, nor fluff or filters. Just straight up self care, productivity and overall well-ness best practices in a hopefully accessible, yet still actionable format. Think of it as having a digital life or business coach to help you manifest and make your dreams more well rounded than simply being that cliche founder/owner/expert who can only excel in one area… I say, F that!

I truly believe you can find the right fit in any aspect of life, mind, body, heart and soul… damn this is getting kinda deep for an intro lol.

That said, let’s get well and wealthy together!

Ps. In the notion of full transparency, you’re likely wondering what’s in it for me? I have zero plans to sell your information, run ads that go against my ethics, or promote something for my own benefit… if I share a link, unless it’s disclosed- its not an affiliate. I don’t plan on doing media-like fundraising or begging you to do things you don’t feel comfortable doing. Really! Hold me accountable!

How can you support this passion project? Thanks for asking 😇

Let me break down a few ways:
1. Share this with someone you think would benefit!
2. Reach out if you’d like to talk about what it looks like to work with me as your ‘Chief Revenue Officer’ (that’s what my business coaching and marketing agency clients call me and I adore it tbh). We can talk via Zoom for 20 min and see if there’s a good fit, no hard feelings if not- I even provide a full, entirely complimentary business analysis!
3. Need clarity in an area of your life? Could use another set of eyes and ears? Looking for a specific set of to-dos in any area of your non-professional needs? Book a clarity call and let’s talk!