Let’s talk about what makes you uniquely excellent. There’s something to be said, being a business expert that is often overlooked. The best businesses in the world, the ones that you typically admire or love to hate, they’re created, they’re made. They’re specifically unique enough to have value, but also similar enough to achieve product market fit.

Where are you UNIQUE + excellent?

So I want to ask you today, business owner, content creator, entrepreneur, where are you uniquely excellent? And if that question makes you uncomfortable, because you know that perhaps you’re not that different from your competitors, it should awaken a fire in you. It should require that you look within, look at every aspect of your business and make decisions that allow you to be uniquely excellent.

When you’re strong…

No matter what element of business that you’re in and no matter what the climate is for business, whether it’s small or local or even larger, the strong always survive. And when you’re strong, you are unique. When you’re strong, you are profitable or working towards profitability. When you’re strong, your financials match your value proposition. And most importantly, the client who is looking for you, when they find your services or products, it alleviates a need that they have. So listen, I work with many industries that are built on hype and copycats, but I believe this is the time to get this right. Reposition your value proposition. Consider and evaluate where you are unique and excellent.

Time to reposition your value proposition?

Think about this… where can you find efficiencies in the business?! As a small business owner myself, I can tell you one of the best things about being in business is that I can move with the market. I can either be a first mover and make changes that are unique and groundbreaking, or I can look at the trends and for instance, leverage technology as part of my growth and as part of our ability to be even more profitable in the future. This is where we can get this right.

Unique + Profitable = YOU🎉

You can be both, unique and excellent and value driven and also profitable and cash flowing in your business. I can imagine a topic like this makes some people extremely uncomfortable, but I really believe in this for you. And I’d love to answer any questions you have as you work towards becoming, or becoming even more uniquely excellent. Let’s talk about it!

xoxo KK

To be yourself in a world/business environment/culture that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment of them all. -KK FIT Tip #1001