I’m so excited to share with you some conversations and communication from my heart, friends!

This is going to be a chance for me to really connect on the things that you need from a business, from a personal, and from an everything in between perspective. I’m going to bring to the conversation some people that are really near and dear to my heart.

Spoiler alert, you may see my mama a time or two (so excited about this!).

To communicate is to live

And the real reason I want to do this is because I find so many times a lot of our stuck points, whether it’s personally, relationally or professionally, come down to really good communication. I mean, honestly, I studied communication in my undergraduate degree, and I found myself really utilizing communication throughout my masters and professional career.

The blueprint for how we connect

               I think there’s just something to be said for how we connect. And the very blueprint of that is how we communicate. So whether you’re looking to get a lot out of your personal relationships, maybe your marriage or a really committed relationship… So whether you’re looking to get more out of your marriage and personal relationship, or maybe you’re looking to have a better way of communicating with people that are really close to you, that can be staff, family, friends. Anyone that you can think of that communication can really easily break down, and yet it’s extremely imperative that it doesn’t. So I’m really excited to share this with you. It’s a very personal approach to giving you a little education, a little inspiration, but I’m really hoping it’ll be the very thing that you need.

Questions? Thoughts? Concerns? Let’s talk!

xoxo KK