Today I want to inspire you to be ruthless about your rituals in order to maximize your success… it sounds way more inappropriate than it is- hang with me! 

Although it may sound harsh to be ruthless, the real goal is to maximize your productivity while improving your happiness quotient overall… even now, especially now (while everything appears to be harder than ever). 

Time to get Routine… But not Basic!

Setting up rituals and strict routines that will help you reach your achievement is one of the finest strategies to accomplish both of these goals!

In some fields, it’s considered honorable to always be “busy,” make do, and hope for the best. In all honesty, the majority of highly compensated professionals won’t employ this strategy to succeed.

After examining some of my most successful clients, I discovered that their most achievable outcomes truly revolve around having highly defined procedures, or rituals. These rituals can cover everything from how you take care of your body and practice self-care to how you behave professionally and forecast success.

Self Care, Everyday

Spending time on self-care rather than striving for burnout can help you to ensure that you are living the life you want to live. Rituals such as exercising frequently, eating a healthy diet, spending quality time with family, and engaging in creative pursuits will enable you to enjoy the benefits of your labors!

It is crucial that we follow a plan and think strategically about our achievement in our working lives. By monitoring our KPIs, or key performance indicators, we can assess, implement, and track our progress. You can use easy strategies to boost your professional achievement, such as recruiting and terminating staff members or experimenting with new tools. Optimizing and taking pleasure in the results of your labor is the last step!

By creating and implementing these rituals, your personal and professional life can be balanced, productive, successful, and joyful all at the same time!

Both Can Be True, Really!

Your personal and professional lives can be harmonious, successful, and pleasurable at the same time by developing and putting these rituals into place… I can hear you shaking your head going, “that goes against everything I’ve ever heard or believe!”

It may be hard to get past your stuck points, but that’s where having some accountability, strategic advising and mentorship can help… at least that’s what my clients tell me😉

In order to achieve the success you’ve been dreaming of, you must first identify what is missing from your happiness quotient and be merciless about implementing those rituals!

Oh and tbh, things only ‘suck’ if you aren’t consistently proactive, planning ahead and stepping over every excuse for your circumstances… this is where I see the ‘path less traveled’ over the last few decades has led to so much more than just more debt, hype and government assistance. Being self made is still possible, it’s the dream I’m so lucky to be able to support for others (and have experienced myself!).

So… what’s got you unfocused, burned out and having too much on your to do list?!

Let’s talk about how I can help… when you’re ready!

Success usually comes to those who are too busy making it happen. -KK FIT TIP #2331