Can I be honest today friends?

There’s a fatal flaw in the entrepreneur/solopreneur philosophy that is hindering, not helping your success quotient, it is “if I get it all done myself, then I know it’ll be done, right.”

It is a complete flaw in your thinking, and it may be keeping you from even more success, and maybe even more contentment with the business and life that you’re building.

So let me just say it… if you don’t have time to delegate, you may not need to be in business anymore.

It reads a lot harsher than it sounds I promise! Let me explain…

Busy-ness vs #Boss

I think gone are the days of an entrepreneur wearing all the hats and feeling proud. It’s just so much clearer that it’s actually a burden to ‘do it all.’ There are so many clear flaws with the after effects of doing too much yourself! I really do see on a regular basis as a business and life coach, and I am incredibly concerned that the badge of success in our culture is busy-ness already- not good! And now, since it seems like everyone wants to be an entrepreneur or is working on a side hustle, it’s actually gotten worse. So, I may sound harsh, but I, I just want to be honest!

I want to be clear… My heart is that I absolutely want you to reach the level of success and happiness that you desire in your business and of course in your life! But I’m hearing a lot of feedback in the world that we’re living in today- feedback from people who are either starting businesses, growing businesses, or anything in between, and here it  is: “I don’t have the time… I don’t have the time to train someone, to or delegate to them because I need to make sure it’s done right, at the time I want etc.”

You Simply Must

When I hear that people are saying, it’s that they don’t have the time to find, train and empower the right staff…  And listen, just to be honest (and be that tough/loving coach for a second), guys you seriously have to find the time to make the business more successful! And if delegating and training staff is one of the things that are needed, then those are the things that you must find the time to focus on! So, here’s what I promise you… and I first I promise- I’m going to step right off my soapbox in just a moment, but I do want to encourage you by simply walking you through some of the benefits of delegation.

Delegation Provides Efficiency

We’re always trying to squeeze extra money and extra time out of our lives, out of our day, out of our business… Delegation provides a productive way to learn ‘who needs to handle what.’ One of the biggest benefits of delegation is that it helps improve your people developments skills (which you’re going to need to enjoy life more!).

How good of a manager of a leader, of a #boss can you be if you’re constantly doing everything and not teaching someone else what the business needs!?

Multiple Benefits, One Focus

As a coach and an owner of several businesses myself, I often that delegating tasks helps me to even further solidify what’s truly important. Because when I teach others, I then have this impermeable understanding of the thing that I’m teaching! So, there’s really a dual benefit (wait for it now… it gets better!)

There is no downside to encouraging your employees to do more, and giving them the skills to do so, while also offloading some of the things that are on your to do list. Seriously, none!

Yes, even if they leave in a month. If they don’t get it perfectly the first time. If you need to put a lot more effort into them getting it ‘right’ before you can truly feel ready to let the task go completely.

All of that- it’s worth it!

Delegation Truly Does Free YOU!

Friends, trust me on this- delegation also opens doors! It creates better communication, more connected collaboration, enhanced trust… all things you’re going to need when you take your business to the next level without losing your soul! (Trying not to scream here- I get very excited at the idea of your personal and professional success!)

So, in sharing this I’m giving you a very simple way to improve your margins, improve every aspect of your business, and have nothing more  to do other than getting the right person in place and training them successfully!

Insert YOU CAN DO THIS gif here 😝

I’m excited to hear how you’re implementing this and where you get stuck.

So let’s connect, and talk more about this soon!

DIYers have a natural inclination to see the benefits of doing things alone… while this ‘can do’ spirit can help you progress in the beginning, there is an UNSTOPPABLE element that only adding collaboration to the mix can do, too! -KK Fit Tip #1555