Let’s talk about the concept of growing and holding. How to take your business, your creative side, your services, products, and offerings, and hold while growing them to be even more successful.

I think especially as it relates to digital content creators, and even brick-and-mortar business owners, there’s something that’s lacking in the vision of success. What happens oftentimes is the concept is to grow and sell. I actually believe that it should be to grow and hold. Your business should provide you cash flow, monthly benefits, and profit. It should give you what every fundamental of any entity, creative business or otherwise, should create. So I want to encourage you to think differently about what you have structured and maybe how you plan to grow it.

Short term vs Long term

When you think about short-term versus long-term, I work as a strategic advisor for many creatives, businesses and entrepreneurs, and one thing remains the same, we must look at the business from a short-term and a long-term perspective.

So when we look at the short-term, of course increasing cashflow, allowing you to have a monthly income, and also generate meaningful profit are all incredibly important. But that’s only as important as you’re able to sustain the business. So oftentimes I see a short-term view of a long-term problem, and the long-term need for your business is to be able to replicate these KPIs, these key performance indicators, every single month. What good is it to have a $100,000 month, if you can’t have that month after month after month?

And so oftentimes my clients call me their chief revenue officer because I’m laser-focused and unapologetic about helping you to make more money. making more money, allows you to help more people in your community, more of your audience to get the best out of you, and of course, for you to make a living selling your services, products, and offerings.

So you can get the benefits of selling while keeping what you’ve created, what you love, where you’re passionate by growing and holding. So I believe step number one is to build something amazing. You’ve likely already done that step.

Number two is to systematize and really improve every aspect of the business or service or offering. I call that getting the house ready, so to speak, right? Right before you have guests over, you tend to make sure everything is put away, that it looks good, that it’s structured well, you know that you have things where they need to be. And it’s the same thing with whatever it is that you build.

Build… to grow and enjoy (more!)

The last aspect of this is the hold, and it’s the part that everyone focuses on because it means you get to sit back a little bit more, instead of leaning in, you get to enjoy that business a little bit more, and actually dial out a little bit maybe of your time, of your resource, and almost put it on autopilot. Now that’s a very long-term view versus the short-term needs, which is to invest in sales and marketing, and having processes that improve your client’s experience, maybe adding new services, products, and offerings.

You can see it’s a little bit more than “think and grow rich,” some of my favorite advice, or it’s also quite different from, “do a million different things and see what sticks,” you know, proverbial spaghetti at the wall. No, I think this is strategic. This is intentional. This is something that you can methodologically do, so that you can grow, hold, and thrive.

If I can answer questions about this along the way, feel free to reach out. It’s really my passion, it’s something I’ve built personally and successfully, and I’ve helped countless creators, entrepreneurs, and business owners to do the same thing, and I’d be thrilled to give you any insight along the way. Let’s talk soon!

xoxo KK

You’ve earned the right to grow… now what are you waiting for? Let’s go! – KK FIT TIP #1054