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Planning is what I find separates the top 5% of earners. The willingness to invest your time and effort is what makes the difference. In strategic planning, you must consider both short and long term goals for the business and business owner. 

It is important to find a balance between what is both best for your business and you as the owner, so that you avoid the burnout and continue to strive! 

Having a big, exciting goal that you’re looking forward to accomplish is fun to have! However, have you ever thought about  the process of reaching that goal?

Well I can tell you, one underutilized and overlooked aspect of the process- is in sales and marketing. 

Of course you are looking to get the most clients possible interested in your business- this is why you should take a lean into sales and how it supports your marketing efforts.ROI means Return on Investment. Increasing your efforts in sales and marketing can increase this, and even unify and support your staff and software and technology.  

Having an authentic and transparent process that nurtures your clients from the moment they even consider visiting your business to every touchpoint with them from that point forward.

This is where I recommend you start thinking about your purpose, planning around your passion, and implement that process that will help to create meaningful flow in your business, attracting the right clientele, and making genuine connections with them. 

This holistic approach will help you to find yourself, the purpose of why you are doing what you’re doing, and also show others what makes you and your team uniquely different. 

I hope my advice and insight can provide some beneficial knowledge on how to maintain the fire in your business and open your eyes to different approaches to professional growth.

I look forward to talking more about this with you, really soon!

Planning is what I find separates the top 5% of earners. The willingness to invest your time and effort is what makes the difference. In strategic planning, you must consider both short and long term goals for the business and business owner. 

It is important to find a balance between what is both best for your business and you as the owner, so that you avoid the burnout and continue to strive! 

Having a big, exciting goal that you’re looking forward to accomplish is fun to have! However, have you ever thought about  the process of reaching that goal?

Well I can tell you, one underutilized and overlooked aspect of the process- is in sales and marketing. 

Of course you are looking to get the most clients possible interested in your business- this is why you should take a lean into sales and how it supports your marketing efforts.ROI means Return on Investment. Increasing your efforts in sales and marketing can increase this, and even unify and support your staff and software and technology.  

Having an authentic and transparent process that nurtures your clients from the moment they even consider visiting your business to every touchpoint with them from that point forward.

This is where I recommend you start thinking about your purpose, planning around your passion, and implement that process that will help to create meaningful flow in your business, attracting the right clientele, and making genuine connections with them. 

This holistic approach will help you to find yourself, the purpose of why you are doing what you’re doing, and also show others what makes you and your team uniquely different. 

I hope my advice and insight can provide some beneficial knowledge on how to maintain the fire in your business and open your eyes to different approaches to professional growth.

I look forward to talking more about this with you, really soon!

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Make MORE, spend LESS… the recipe for true SUCCESS 💰 https://hartincorporated.com/make-more-spend-less-the-recipe-for-true-success-%f0%9f%92%b0/ https://hartincorporated.com/make-more-spend-less-the-recipe-for-true-success-%f0%9f%92%b0/#respond Wed, 01 Jun 2022 07:55:00 +0000 http://hartincorporated.com/?p=1754

Let’s talk about a very simple philosophy that has gotten me to a level of success that, honestly I could have never dreamed of before. And also it is simple advice that I think anyone at any stage of your business, of your personal life, of honestly anything that you're working towards, may find really beneficial. It’s a simple phrase that I've used my entire career and my entire life in order to stay focused on what really matters:

 Make more and spend less (🎤drop!)

Let’s talk about a very simple philosophy that has gotten me to a level of success that, honestly I could have never dreamed of before. And also it is simple advice that I think anyone at any stage of your business, of your personal life, of honestly anything that you’re working towards, may find really beneficial. It’s a simple phrase that I’ve used my entire career and my entire life in order to stay focused on what really matters:

 Make more and spend less (🎤drop!)

The Simple Life

 I want to talk about living the simple life a little bit today! Notice I said, make more, not to scale back, not to feel meek, not to make yourself small, but also to keep maybe what’s important to you in mind to have perspective on what really drives you and what’s important. So that spending less may not even mean financially. Maybe what you put value in now is different from where you need to go (physically and/or proverbially) and what you need to focus on next. So, I’d like to break down each aspect of this, but first to be clear- I am a firm believer in growth, personal growth, professional growth. I’m here for all👏 of👏 it! And I’m excited to be the person who encourages you! But I also really want to be very clear. There’s only so many ways to become more successful. And a lot of it comes down to basic principles that, you can apply to your personal life to your professional life in order to find that success actually come to fruition.

Why Can’t Both Be True: Balance

The simplest thing to focus on first is balance, which is why I say you both need to make more and spend less. You likely already know by now that you can’t solely save your way into success, but spoiler alert- you also can’t focus on making more money or doing the ‘most’, or, you know, acquiring a bunch of things or focus on materialistic happiness. This is because you kind of lose the important focus on some of the most important aspects of who you are, what’s important to you, what are your values and how do you feel most appreciated and just overall great about yourself!

The truth is, when I analyze the success of clients, friends, family members, people that you probably know and admire the most- it almost never comes down to this flashy, extravagant lifestyle with lots of material things and focus on self only. It really is a balance between, you know, their familial and interpersonal relationships and external success that kind of just gives them more time and more stability in those other relationships and other aspects of life.

More Money Alone Is Not Enough (Gasp!)

I can actually truly say this I have never met a business owner that I’ve worked with that just feels instantly better by making more money if the rest of their life isn’t in order, and vice versa. As a reminder, it’s me- the personal and business coach! I absolutely believe that it’s important to grow. It’s one of my favorite things to encourage you to do in coaching sessions, on this blog, in the Youtube community etc.

But today, I want to share more of an overarching focus that I want to encourage you to have on the simplicity, and the joys of life that come from the growth and the exciting aspects of leveling up, but also from having a good perspective of what really matters to you and what you need from other aspects of your life, even other aspects of your business. So it’s not just about, the cold, hard cash in your bank account (although I’m here for that too!). But it’s also about this holistic view of: ‘what’s the purpose of life!?’

You know, easy questions like ‘what is the reason that you get out of bed for?’ Or how about, ‘why did you leverage everything to start the business that you did’ and ‘what makes you so passionate about it each day, each month, each year?’

The Tough, Yet Fulfilling Part

So you can see it really is a focus that I believe we all have to have that’s a lot more well-rounded than just to encourage you to ‘get money, honey’ and to make it to a certain level of notoriety. I’d like to talk briefly about, spending less and why I believe living underneath your means is the true definition of wealth in America today.

I think it’s because we’re in this debt driven culture where people feel the burden of showing their success and showcasing who they are based on those things, right? (Can we be honest!?)

Whether it’s material things or, you know, your physical attributes, or anything like that! And I think it’s really hard to push back and say, “this is actually not the purpose of my life.” And then follow up with really taking the time to realize that the purpose of your life is not what your hair looks like, not what you’re wearing, not what designers you rock. It’s not even the network of influence you surround yourself with or how you show your wealth or relevance in the world. (I’M LOOKING AT YOU INSTAGRAM AND TIK TOK!). It’s hard to say this without seeming preachy, but I really believe we’ve kind of lost our way, friends!

And so we’re so busy making more, to do anything differently than spend less! We’ve lost the true reason that making more can actually be good for us. It is not the root of evil! In fact, because we’re not spending less, we’re so busy, acquiring anything we can ($$$, attention, energy etc), and subsequently pushing it all out whether it comes to energy, money and everything in between. We’re finding ourselves more lost than ever!

The Humility of Making More, Spending Less

So friends, I just want to help you to find balance here, truly! I do think that celebrating your success is the single most important thing you do in life and in business. So do it!

I also think right alongside that is the humility of the heart that allows you to realize that there is just so many more important things… and that you can simplify your life at the same time as improving it!

Of course, this is not a get rich quick scheme, nor is it super sexy to share so openly… (amiright?!). This is not advice to fast track your success as you may desire. But is truly what I believe is best for you because I’m living it now. And the view from here is ah-mazing!!!

And for the record, I worked my a$$ off to get here… So I want to say it one more time. You absolutely could and should make more money. Awesome! Great! I’m rooting for you!

I’m just also recommend that you find areas in your life to simplify in any way that you can.

Maybe it is to spend less. Maybe it’s just less focus on the tangible/material rewards to success. And it could also be something as simple as to figure out the true desires of your heart, your purpose in life, and how you can contribute more to your faith, family, the world, and even your local community based on that.

So that feels soft coming from a business expert and life coach.. I know 😁 But I hope you’ll hear my heart, which is that I absolutely encourage and will ALWAYS celebrate your successes! I just hope you also take the time to realize that it’s not entirely what defines you… good, bad or otherwise. And finally, that it is also a freaking luxury to not only make more, but find ways to simplify, spend less and enjoy the very BEST that life has to offer for you.

Let’s talk more about this soon.

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Hey #boss, Improve your Self Care, Today + Everyday (not just Sunday)! https://hartincorporated.com/hey-boss-improve-your-self-care-today-everyday-not-just-sunday/ Sun, 15 May 2022 19:52:00 +0000 http://hartincorporated.com/?p=1751 Today, I’d like encourage you, and also give you some tangible ways that you can improve your self care… Not just #SelfCareSunday, not just Saturday, but every day. You see, I really believe that self care is an every day, almost every moment, intentional experience! (Not really burying the lead here am I!?)

I think oftentimes we love these cute little hashtags and catch phrases (I mean what’s not to like about # SelfCareSunday!?). But what we really need to think about is what does it take for me to get to Sunday? Maybe it will require a self care Tuesday or Wednesday, just so we can get to those next couple of days! And so, especially for you hard working, entrepreneurial, career builders, it’s incredibly important that you put your oxygen mask on first, before you support those who you manage or those who you help in any way.

Put Your Oxygen Mask On… Get Your Self Care Ish Together!

I think one of the most overlooked, but also over-hyped aspects of doing so is to focus on your self care. You know, I’ve been in the wellness industry on the business side for about 20 years and I’ve watched the definition of self care, really mold and change over the years… It went from kind of strictly focused on beauty, to now encapsulating, beauty, wellness and even health in a much more holistic way! And honestly, I think we’re also focused much more focused on our health, supplementation, listening to our medical professionals (most of the time), having a regular routine for how we look within and take care of ourselves when we do. I’m actually thrilled to see the definition of self-care evolve alongside solutions that we can enjoy that are both luxurious and easily accessible, no matter what aspect of life you’re in or what budget you have! I think that’s also a part of the self-care movement- making it even more democratized than it was before.

Despite that and because of ALL of that… I’m really proud to be a self-care junkie! I often find that especially working with, elite business owners, there are some really key benefits to upping your self care game that’s not always popular to talk about.

So, being me (no frills, tries to tell it like it is etc)…. I thought I would share some of that with you today! I’m going to get the first one out  of the way-  it’s going to piss some people off and I’m okay with that 😃

Taking Care of All of You

It’s essential to take the best possible care of your body. I mean this wholeheartedly- like really taking care of your body! Things like exercise, how you view your self, making sure you get enough of the nutrients and vitamins that you need etc. You know unfortunately (another truth bomb coming!), this has become such a vanity metric for a lot of people that they look the part, but maybe on the inside are not exactly as healthy as they may appear, or that they may purport themselves to be (ugh like everyone on social and all these nonsense gurus!). I’m a big believer in getting the ‘clothing rack,’ aka your actually health, wellbeing and body, looking as good as the clothing or accessories that may be on it. Call me crazy- but I am just a very consistent, overly intentional person when it comes to my health and wellness. And that is especially important when it comes to my mind and body.

So I swear I am not here to tell you that you’re doing it all wrong and that you need to workout more or eat cleaner, but I am going to encourage you to make regular movement a part of your life and to get to know your self in a way that can allow you to love it better with your words and your actions. I actually truly believe that as we get older, we need to move more instead of less- we also need to make sure we know ourselves best so our habits are a ritual in intention vs hurt and pain. So yeah, that’s kind of countercultural to what we hear, but as I’m getting older, I’m literal focusing on taking the best care of myself. Whether that’s moving more, maybe walking, exercising, just loving my body in different ways. And I really encourage that, because the more we move, the better we feel about ourselves, the better our self reflection and self love is. But of course, the bonus is that also we elicit happy endorphins inside of our brain! Truth? I definitely get high exercising lol. And I’m not afraid to say it- nothing wrong with getting high naturally and healthfully! I think it’s incredibly important to find healthy ways to feel good. To be super clear- this is not about body type or shaming you if you’ve yet to be able to enjoy the regular practice of getting high naturally! Let me be even more direct- this is not about losing weight.

I’m not recommending this to help you to meet some cultural norm. I’m not about that life! But I am encouraging you to take truly good care of your body inside and out.

Invest in Your Emotional, Natural Self Care As Much as the Outer Layer

The second, often underrepresented aspect of self care that I want to encourage you in is a little more fun – truth be told, it may be those areas of your inner, emotional growth and your development that you may have put off. This may be everything from taking time to check in with a counselor, to joining a book club, to journaling on a regular basis, getting enough sleep…these are all things that we all know are good for us, but we often like “ain’t nobody got time for that”- so we lack focus and consistency in those areas. I like to think of these aspects of our self care as almost like a ‘level up.’ I can truly share that when I started sleeping eight plus hours a night, my undereye bags went away (like I literally stopped needing concealer ever again kind of went away!). My hair felt different. My body felt different. Life seems to be getting more amazing and exciting ever since!

So even those materialistic, external validation aspects of my life genuine improved and just kept getting better… really! So a note from the other side: less concealer, less makeup in general, it has been suuuuch a good thing overall! I would say that sometimes especially with improvements to our lives and self love like this- oftentimes the external drives the internal, and that’s totally okay! But particularly as we focus on the inner health as much as the physical- it’s all the way around important. I think this is one area that you could probably add some new focus on tomorrow and really see the results and the benefits very, very quickly. That’s a good thing- especially if you’re the instant gratification type (heyyy millennial and Gen Z friends- I’m not judging I’m right there with you in many ways!).

Reap the Benefits of Personal Development, Financial Literacy and All the Responsible Things!

Finally, I do want to touch on this aspect of loving oneself, knowing myself and maybe investing in who you are now and who you want to be a little bit more. You know, one of the best currencies of someone’s true success is their ability to improve who they are, what they earn, even how and where they fit into the world. (This is likely one key benefit for you #boss!)

That is the ultimate luxury. A personal story to bring this to light: There was once a time, my husband and I were sitting on a plane, we sat next to a super successful, known person and we got to talking about what makes success and what makes life worth living. And what I thought was incredibly important was that he shared that he realized quite late in his career- much further into his success than he would’ve liked- that it’s not about the external, it’s not about the materialistic. It’s not about the bigger house, or a nicer car, and the external, physical look of being successful. What really matters- the greatest benefit of success and even with monetary achievements- it’s the benefit of t-i-m-e. (Makes sense right!?) It’s the time you get to invest in family, time to invest in your personal and professional development (so you can make even more money!), time to invest in your future passions even! And I think overall, it’s essential to realize that those who are really doing well in life- even from a tanglible, material perspective- they generally want to have more time to enjoy life, to enjoy their success, enjoy their money!

I can absolutely confirm this with my experience in working with such successful business owners on the coaching and consulting side – it’s an absolute fact. Trust me friends, you want to be one of those people who get to the level of success where you’ve got the currency of time to maybe work on things that you never dreamed you’d have the ability to, or maybe to focus on an area of your life that you always desired, but didn’t have time, or scope, or focus.

I really want this level of self care for YOU! No one talks about it but the luxury of time is a true blessing – whether you end up wanting to volunteer, give to charity, to spend a little more time with loved ones- and all without being worried about what emails are popping up and who needs you at work. This is not a dream… but it can be a dream to enjoy life at this level! It may be difficult to fathom depending on where you are in life in business in your career. But I really want to encourage you to start focusing on more than just the beauty and external aspects of your self care!

Now, don’t hear this and think you’ll need to wait for some ridiculously high level of success that feels unattainable or thinking you need a certain number in your bank account to focus on these things. My friends, I’ve learned a lot with the success I’ve had and feel incredibly grateful to share with you. But even with all the personal development, extra time and more money- I’m constantly reminded that life is incredibly short. I think we know that now more than ever! Life is also incredibly beautiful… And because of these two things, I encourage you to enjoy both the time that you have, and to make the most out of your opportunities to improve your physical, emotional and tangible self care needs. You can have it all! It may just take a little extra strategy and intention to figure out how… but I believe in you!

I’d also love to hear the areas that you choose to focus on as aspects of your self care and growth, and maybe the areas that you could use a little kick in the butt about (a few of my favorite things)!

Let’s talk more soon.

When its time to move on… Girl, bye👋 https://hartincorporated.com/when-its-time-to-move-on-girl-bye%f0%9f%91%8b/ Sun, 01 May 2022 06:47:00 +0000 http://hartincorporated.com/?p=1682 Let’s talk about when it’s time to move on… whether it’s your staff, maybe it’s your business model, or really ANY issue that you’re facing and may be stuck on! When is it time to leave that behind and move on to something else?!

You know, I often talk about being consistent and sticking it out when times get tough… and I fully believe in that in many instances! But I think there is a time when there are elements of your life and elements of your business that will require you to know when to keep pursuing and when to change directions.

When to Keep Pursuing and When to Change Directions

I think it’s not as popular to talk about this, because oftentimes in our culture, we’re so focused on the external, it’s hard to even be able to hear really where we’re at and where we’re struggling and how we feel through all the noise of the day of life.

I think it’s incredibly important that you are using intuition as part of- only a part- but yes, a part of your business techniques and life techniques to becoming successful. You know the thing is, intuition feels really hocus pocus like and just this new age “feel, think, and you’ll know” garbage. But I really believe that if we learn to listen to our intuition, to our guide, to whatever you believe is kind of leading you, we can really find even greater success!

Good News! Oftentimes, that’s quite a bit faster and more efficient. And overall, utilizing intuition can be part of your qualitative measures of success! I also truly believe there has to be some metrics, some data or some thing that helps you quantitatively so that the two can work together.

So whether it’s time to hire or fire, or maybe it’s time to add or remove some aspect of your business. Or there’s an aspect of your life that you really haven’t had the time to focus on this would be one of those intuition gut check moments that I would recommend you taking some time to think through. Feel free to sit still for as long as you need to so you can figure out what is the thing keeping you from that next level of success, of feeling even better than you do now of reaching or attaining goals you didn’t even think were possible?!

I’ll wait here until you return….😉

Getting to the Next Level

I think oftentimes what ends up coming out are the things that we need to move on from, as well as the things that we need to level up in. But we’re often so focused on getting to that other level and the excitement, all of the energy around that, tends to distract us instead of encouraging us to look at the areas in which it’s time for us to close some doors. To be honest, I hear a lot of this in my business coaching practice. Where it’s anything from staff issues, client issues, maybe you’re even going after the wrong target client in your marketing, but you’re often digging your heels in- instead of focusing on whatever it takes to get you to the next level!

We’re sometimes fighting to make it work when it’s time to let go instead…. (Shock!). And for some reason, we think that it’s commendable or the right step for us to do so. I have news for you friend. Sometimes it is, but sometimes it’s not!

So maybe your intuition is telling you something different from what you’re comfortable hearing! Maybe your experiences are telling you something you need to do differently, and perhaps it’s time to make some drastic changes in that department. It’s👏 time 👏to 👏move 👏on.

I’m addressing this because it seems to be coming up A LOT in those areas on the business side, because I do believe we’re in this very unique time in the world. There’s a lot of fluff… There’s not a lot of substance in the business world. And so, for you to pursue better staff relationships, for you to take your business to a whole deeper level of financial success (to name a few!)… it’s going to require some authenticity, some transparency, and definitely a little bit of magic! A little bit of, “what am I willing to roll up my sleeves and get done?!”

Authenticity, Transparency and ✨

Boy oh boy… is there a whole lot of noise!!! There are so many distractions, and there’s a lot of things aggressively vying for your attention (hello again, social media, mainstream news etc!).

So as a business owner, right, as the #boss, I think it’s important to really think through the tough questions at times. The ‘what do I need to do’, and also ‘what do I need to say no to,’ ‘what doors do I need to close’ and ‘who do I need to send away?’

I know from personal and professional experience that this is one area that is reeeeally challenging to do! Because if you understand the brain and human behavior, you understand that we have this propensity for risk adversity. It likely feels really scary to walk away from something, or close a door that has potential, right?!

Don’t we all LOVE potential!? Everyone seems to love potential…. We focus on it all day long in our interpersonal and professional relationships. And really, what we need to do is say, “with exactly what I have in front of me right now, with exactly who this person is, with exactly what this circumstance is.

Am I okay with it? Can I live with it? Can I grow with it? Can I accept it?”

And then, you know, whether or not it’s the thing that you need to embrace, or if it’s time for you to say ‘girl, bye’ or sayonara 👋.

I want to encourage you and empower you in that today! I know, it sometimes this brings up difficult conversations that need to be had, you know, nuances of llegalities and things that need to be addressed. And I’m here for all of it, and here for you!

But for now I just want to encourage you to be still and to realize:

Where do you need to be?

What’s keeping you back from being there?

Jackpot! That very thing is probably the thing(s), or people, or places- all of it- that you need to move on from.

Let’s talk a little more about this, soon.

One of happiest moments in life and business is when you find the courage to let go of what you can’t change (and instead take action on what you can!) KK Fit Tip #1789

No Demand, More Problems https://hartincorporated.com/no-demand-more-problems/ Fri, 15 Apr 2022 04:59:37 +0000 http://hartincorporated.com/?p=1678 Let’s talk about a little supply and demand fundamental, which is really driving small business owners to make decisions that don’t seem to make a lot of sense… Excited yet?!

The concept is that you really shouldn’t be executing on aspects of your business that don’t make financial sense, or don’t have implicit demand. 

To be honest, one of the most shocking things that I think’s happened in the last couple of years is the rise of these companies that have no fundamentals, no true financial success, becoming darlings in the media and in our culture- and being featured in everything as the best practice when they are actually the opposite of that. To be honest, they’re the worst case scenario!

So, I’m going to pick on my favorite love-to-hate company, and break down a little bit of what has happened when they went from media darling to downright done (from a successful business perspective). First off,  I think it’s really important to walk you through the best practices of this, so that you can apply these principles to your business and hopefully make better decisions now and in the future.

Plunder-Ton, The Model for Success?!

Let’s talk about Peloton! Depending on who you speak to- they were the company to admire and emulate if you are in the wellness industry and looking to scale, fast! (Sarcasm… it’s free and so fun!)

Listen, as you may recall, I work with many successful wellness (and non-wellness industry) founders, and actually I think for so long, even if you weren’t in the wellness industry… there’s this level of respect for these big splashy companies that come in and disrupt industries. Heyyy Uber/Lyft, Robinhood and friends 🙄

I guess Peloton checked a lot of boxes, a lot of different business types and entities, even beyond the wellness industry…. I think what’s happened since they had their big boom is not shocking at all! It’s so clear… It is so based on KPIs and fundamentals! 

So, I thought I’d just walk through it a little bit with you and have a conversation around what it takes to be truly successful today instead of just great on Wall Street. Fun stuff, yeah?!

It’s the Economy, Smarty

I think it’s best to start with the reason that most businesses are struggling right now, and that is supply and demand.

Friends, I want to keep it real here- there’s a real issue right now with the amount of available supply of services, products and offerings, and the demand for those very things. And while we could blame game this, and talk about all the reasons that are out of our control, and even probably somewhat valid. But the truth of the matter is- if you have a business (or even a side hustle) right now that is fulfilling a need… you don’t have a supply and demand issue 🥳 

So, if you have to manufacture the need- if you have to generate demand… if you have to do ‘all the things’ in order to make sure you just stay afloat, then it’s time to really think about whether or not you have a business at all. 

And before you call me the grim reaper… hear me out!

Are you making money (aka profit!) or is it just a hobby (even if you are making money)?! 

I’m hoping you can hear my heart through these seemingly harsh words… does your business serve the community that it needs to serve, and the community that you desire it to serve?

Here’s the thing, when I think about the ‘Peloton conundrum,’ I think where things went wrong is that they had these big, exciting goals when they filed for an IPO.

Side note: I actually read the SCC filing because I’m a big geek 🤓 Especially when it comes to certain aspects of business, I just absolutely love going deeper! 

What I found when doing so was a really clear admonition, which was that they absolutely knew they were not building that business on fundamentals of success. 

So those that put Peloton up on the pedestal first was the company itself. Even though they were completely aware that profitable was a pipe dream at best 😱 

Profit is Everything, For EVERYBODY

And yet, oftentimes if you’re running a small or medium sized business, profit is the goal. It’s not just like, “yeah we may never get there and that’s ok!” It’s more like, “we’re going to need to make some money this month, cuz the mama’s got to put some money in my pocket or purse!” Especially since you’re often the owner/investor/lead employee, and therefore likely the only person that really understands this need at the deepest level!

Of course, it’s a totally different mindset when you start getting into bed with Wall Street!

So I’ve known something wasn’t right because a business that has a product and a service just like Peloton- that is actually meeting a need in the world- should absolutely reach profitability! (I’m shouting again aren’t I!?)

But this is where things get kind of topsy turvy because they focused sooo much on total available market (aka TAM) and all these things that just kept spreading them thinner and thinner… the merchandise, then corporate wellness etc. 

So I think what happens is a lot of times when you don’t have the fundamentals in play, you really don’t have a handle on what the business needs to be truly successful. They may know how to get venture capital. They may know how to raise money from external sources. But they’re not doing that based on revenue and expenses! (Ok, now I know I need to calm down!).

Forget Failing, Focus on Fundamentals

Of course they are failing, friend! Of course, they’ve now had to halt production. Of course, they’re laying off over 41% of their staff… fact check me on that!

It’s a no brainer. They are not a business. They are a zombie company that got a little ‘extra’ and decided to do ‘the most.’ Not recommended! 

I really believe that it doesn’t have to be that way, but I think what I want to do is help you to focus on what truly makes you successful for these final moments. And that’s revenue 🤑 My fave thing to focus on! You know, all those boring parts of growing a business such as keeping expenses at a minimum, focusing on the profitability of your business, and to make sure you’re really meeting a need that’s out there, or knowing to invest in and budget for the demand you need to generate. 

At the end of the day, I promise you- it actually is that simple, and it should be the principles of success for every business in the world. 

But for now, let’s focus on your business fundamentals and your method of success so that you don’t have to go through that wild, unfortunate ride. 

I really believe that you can actually get to that level of success that you’ve been dreaming of- I believe in YOU!

I’d love to hear more about where you’re stuck and maybe what fundamentals you think you’re missing so that you can get to that level of success.

Let’s talk soon!

You can solve just about any problem by asking the right questions, investing in what matters and taking action! -KK Fit Tip #1630

DIY is not the best practice for GROWTH https://hartincorporated.com/diy-is-not-the-best-practice-for-growth/ Fri, 01 Apr 2022 04:02:40 +0000 http://hartincorporated.com/?p=1638 Can I be honest today friends?

There’s a fatal flaw in the entrepreneur/solopreneur philosophy that is hindering, not helping your success quotient, it is “if I get it all done myself, then I know it’ll be done, right.”

It is a complete flaw in your thinking, and it may be keeping you from even more success, and maybe even more contentment with the business and life that you’re building.

So let me just say it… if you don’t have time to delegate, you may not need to be in business anymore.

It reads a lot harsher than it sounds I promise! Let me explain…

Busy-ness vs #Boss

I think gone are the days of an entrepreneur wearing all the hats and feeling proud. It’s just so much clearer that it’s actually a burden to ‘do it all.’ There are so many clear flaws with the after effects of doing too much yourself! I really do see on a regular basis as a business and life coach, and I am incredibly concerned that the badge of success in our culture is busy-ness already- not good! And now, since it seems like everyone wants to be an entrepreneur or is working on a side hustle, it’s actually gotten worse. So, I may sound harsh, but I, I just want to be honest!

I want to be clear… My heart is that I absolutely want you to reach the level of success and happiness that you desire in your business and of course in your life! But I’m hearing a lot of feedback in the world that we’re living in today- feedback from people who are either starting businesses, growing businesses, or anything in between, and here it  is: “I don’t have the time… I don’t have the time to train someone, to or delegate to them because I need to make sure it’s done right, at the time I want etc.”

You Simply Must

When I hear that people are saying, it’s that they don’t have the time to find, train and empower the right staff…  And listen, just to be honest (and be that tough/loving coach for a second), guys you seriously have to find the time to make the business more successful! And if delegating and training staff is one of the things that are needed, then those are the things that you must find the time to focus on! So, here’s what I promise you… and I first I promise- I’m going to step right off my soapbox in just a moment, but I do want to encourage you by simply walking you through some of the benefits of delegation.

Delegation Provides Efficiency

We’re always trying to squeeze extra money and extra time out of our lives, out of our day, out of our business… Delegation provides a productive way to learn ‘who needs to handle what.’ One of the biggest benefits of delegation is that it helps improve your people developments skills (which you’re going to need to enjoy life more!).

How good of a manager of a leader, of a #boss can you be if you’re constantly doing everything and not teaching someone else what the business needs!?

Multiple Benefits, One Focus

As a coach and an owner of several businesses myself, I often that delegating tasks helps me to even further solidify what’s truly important. Because when I teach others, I then have this impermeable understanding of the thing that I’m teaching! So, there’s really a dual benefit (wait for it now… it gets better!)

There is no downside to encouraging your employees to do more, and giving them the skills to do so, while also offloading some of the things that are on your to do list. Seriously, none!

Yes, even if they leave in a month. If they don’t get it perfectly the first time. If you need to put a lot more effort into them getting it ‘right’ before you can truly feel ready to let the task go completely.

All of that- it’s worth it!

Delegation Truly Does Free YOU!

Friends, trust me on this- delegation also opens doors! It creates better communication, more connected collaboration, enhanced trust… all things you’re going to need when you take your business to the next level without losing your soul! (Trying not to scream here- I get very excited at the idea of your personal and professional success!)

So, in sharing this I’m giving you a very simple way to improve your margins, improve every aspect of your business, and have nothing more  to do other than getting the right person in place and training them successfully!

Insert YOU CAN DO THIS gif here 😝

I’m excited to hear how you’re implementing this and where you get stuck.

So let’s connect, and talk more about this soon!

DIYers have a natural inclination to see the benefits of doing things alone… while this ‘can do’ spirit can help you progress in the beginning, there is an UNSTOPPABLE element that only adding collaboration to the mix can do, too! -KK Fit Tip #1555

Stop Getting Triggered… Start Getting (More) Successful https://hartincorporated.com/stop-getting-triggered-start-getting-more-successful/ Tue, 15 Mar 2022 07:55:00 +0000 http://hartincorporated.com/?p=1634 Let’s talk about one of those highly unpopular, difficult topics that I just know will get you thinking and (hopefully!) making different decisions.

Stop getting triggered…. and start getting results. (Should I put a mic drop!?)

In all seriousness, I believe just the consideration of this can be incredibly pivotal in your development and the ability to grow and thrive through any and every thing life may have and will throw you!

You know, we’re living in this odd, super P.C. world where everything is an opportunity to piss you off, cause you concern, or create fear, division, and anger (or all three- a lucky trifecta!). And the thing is, I really believe that is precisely what is getting in the way of many of our successes, whether personal or professional.

And so friend, I want to say this again… I actually want to shout this from the mountaintops! (I can say that cause I legit live in the mountains). Seriously, getting triggered gets you nowhere. But if you start focusing on what you want and start getting results in that, you’re going to find the path to more success is more about what you do- not what you say or feel.

Everyone Can Get Triggered, Only Some Get Results

This often comes up in a lot of different ways… l hear it with folks who are working on aspects of their lives and getting through stuck points and even business coaching clients. And it’s always the same- do these sounds familiar? “I’m worried what people will think about me.” “I’m struggling with imposter syndrome.” “I’m fearful that I’m not confident enough to get out of my circumstances.”

But what I’m really hearing is… “I lack the principles, the fundamentals, the consistency in order to really make an impact in my life.”

But I have great news! Every single one of those things is not insurmountable. That is great news, but it’s also what it actually takes for you to get to that higher level of life, higher level of earning, higher level of business. Allowing what gets thrown at you to take your focus away can happen as quickly as a post on social media, something friends and family may say, even some employee or coworker feedback. It’s hard, but instead of letting it keep you triggered your first line of defense is to turn around, look in the mirror and have laser focused vision and action become the things you care about.

It’s a Choice, Really!

I know this may seem easier said than done in the moment, but I need to be honest here and say the thing that almost no one wants to here… getting triggered is a choice!

I mean, that’s the honest truth. It is an action in and of itself- getting frustrated, getting fearful, and being worried. Any and every issue that may come upprovides us a choice that we actually have- which is whether or not we choose to ignore or react differently. We have the right to say, “you do not define me,” to social algorithms like Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and the like!

Get Empowered

You have every right to say, “hey people that try to tell me how to live my life or run my business… you’re not in control of my life. I am!” 🙅

And at the same time, I think we can easily get empowered by those same little moments, those little authentic moments to grow. And the opportunity we need to take advantage of is to gain momentum that will get us to the next step… to get us to going beyond just feeling, thinking and much more focused on doing!

Although I really encourage you to change and examine the way that you’ve maybe let the world affect you lately, whether it’s politics, people, life in general, and everything in between… but also to understand that not only is that in your sphere of control, so is taking action to get exactly where you want to go, doing exactly what you want to do!  That’s where you’ll enjoy the fruits of your success the most!

No matter what aspect of your life or business that you’re working on, allow me to encourage you! Stop getting triggered, start getting results! Because that’s what really matters is living the life that you want to live, creating the business or the career that really helps you to feel good, and that allows you the ability to support the lifestyle that you desire.

Now I will drop that mic 🎤

I get the feeling this is going to hit some nerves, and maybe open up some additional questions and I’m ok with that!

So friends, get out of trigger mode, jump into question and results focus, and let’s talk more about this, soon!

Resilience is not just for surviving the hard parts of life, it’s about thriving every day – no matter what comes your way! -KK Fit Tip #1414

Slow, Steady Changes, for SUCCE$$ https://hartincorporated.com/slow-steady-changes-for-succe/ Tue, 01 Mar 2022 03:48:50 +0000 http://hartincorporated.com/?p=1631 Let’s talk about how slow, steady change can actually change your life and improve your business! You know, so many times I interact with business owners that are looking for growth, that are excited about both personal and professional success… And I think that, regardless of whether it’s your first success or a sustained success, or even a success that maybe you’re planning for, there’s often some misperception about how you get to that point and specifically about the difference between this rapid growth, instantaneous focused society that we live in, and the slow, steady, consistent growth that really tends to stand the test of time and help you to be even more successful both personally and professionally.

The Best Change is Slow

I really do believe the BEST change is often slow- whether you’re working on physical needs, emotional needs, business needs even working through some of those innermost, personal things.

It’s just one of those best practices that I can truly apply to both life and business seamlessly. And I think it’s important to share with you now more than ever!

So when I think about why slow, steady, small changes really do work, it’s because there’s a methodology to being successful in almost anything in life. It has a lot to do with taking the time to analyze, and truly understand what is needed as your first step, and the subsequent steps after that.

And then there is the act of implementation, which is often glossed over in our current culture, right?! (Up on the soapbox I go)… It’s very sexy to talk about overnight successes and side hustles that turned into massive cash cows. What isn’t exciting in our culture these days is the concept of putting your head down, getting to work, and seeing it slowly and consistently come to fruition. Maybe it’s a bit of an occupational hazard for me that I just can’t buy into that b.s. – and that’s even when I’ve seen it work out!

No More Spaghetti at The Wall

The reason is, more often than not. It really is one of those spaghetti at the wall opportunities where someone struck gold with an idea, with a circumstance, with something they fell into naturally. (Seriously on the soap box here, but it’s so high and comfie lol). It’s very, very different to plan for your success and to make sure that you’re able to see that success through to fruition. So my friends, that is why I know that slow small steady change works!

I’ve used behavior modification like this in almost any aspect of life that you could think of, whether it was personal, or if it was getting a client through certain needs or struggles that they had. It’s not spaghetti at the wall… this ish works!

The best part? This can be applied literally to a physical need, an emotional need, a financial need or interpersonal needs. I’ve literally lived through the benefits of slow, small change- sometimes personally, and often alongside my business or life coaching clients. And I can tell you that proverbially speaking (although many moons ago I was also a fitness coach)- the client who loses a hundred pounds in 30 days, versus the client that loses a hundred pounds in two years… there is a difference in how they’re able to keep the weight off. Period. Do the research (fun exercise: Google ‘biggest loser weight gain’ for a 2000s era version of this admonition!)

Enjoy Long Term Success

This difference between short term and long term benefits of slow, consistent change is exactly the same, whether it is staffing your business, or applying to some area of your life that maybe is not as turnkey or as consistent as you’d like it to be!

Here’s the big secret to this one, these slow, small, steady changes I’m referencing? You probably already know what they are. You likely know the things that need to be done to truly get to where you want to be. And that’s where typically, I work with people who know what they need to do, but they need someone to help them to implement, stay on track and accountable to getting that success.

So I want to encourage you today to know that you have and know what you need to get to those kind of big picture, exciting moments that you’re dreaming of and working towards. You can absolutely meet the goals and the desires of your heart, of your business and of your life simply by sticking with those things you know to do.

🎉 Insert giant YAY here 🎉

And as much as I love helping people get to that next level, and make breakthroughs happen both in their business and their personal life… I want to empower you today that you may know the things that are needed, and that, that may be enough for you in order to really actualize the success that you want.

For many, they do still need a ton of support and accountability. Let’s be real- the small changes, they’re not nearly sexy and exciting, right?!

They don’t give you these big milestones that you can get excited and cheer about. And so you oftentimes need someone to keep you on the right path,  to redirect you when you’re starting to wane, or those times that sneak up and leave you feeling misguided or misdirected.

That’s where I’ve lived through, enjoyed and helped others to see the benefits of having a no deprivation, no struggles approach to this can be really toxic because many times… I’m just going to say it- it leads you to be white knuckling… which is a phrase we often use in behavior management.

So that’s typically where white knuckling comes in… I’ll hear someone say, “ I know what I need to do. I’m just going to do it, but my heart’s not in it.” Or, their desire isn’t really there, or it’s their short term, but not long term.

No White Knuckling or Fake it Till You Make It- Ever!

Hear me out friend- there’s one thing I know about slow, small steady change… it’s that it works! But, you have to work at it. You can’t bullsh*t it. You can’t sidestep each of the different things that need to be done.

So, it’s incredibly important that you are slow, steady, consistent, and small in your changes- so you can actually get to those big, exciting goals and those aspects of your life that you’re looking for to celebrating!

Now I’m curious, what are those things that you are kind of putting off or struggling to complete in order to get to a goal that you have?

I really believe that acknowledgement of the goal is really just the beginning. And if I’m being honest with you, I’m never really excited to hear about people’s goals because I find them to be kind of ’pie in the sky,’ ‘waxing and waning’ about what could be, but what I love (live for!) is when you tell me where you’re stuck, where you’re honest and transparent and truly authentic about what you need to get out of stuck, or that you take advice to put it into action, and that we work methodically to get you wherever you want to go.

It’s absolutely possible regardless of what it is and how long it seems like it will take! And I think you’ll find that it’s going feel better. It’s going to stick better (aka be more long lasting and resilient!). And it’s honestly going to be a lifelong lasting change when it’s slow, small and steady.

Let’s talk more about this, soon!

Real change is slow, small, steady… and so rewarding! -KK Fit Tip #1369

How to Benefit From the Current Economic Conditions, Now! https://hartincorporated.com/how-to-benefit-from-the-current-economic-conditions-now/ Tue, 15 Feb 2022 00:45:48 +0000 http://hartincorporated.com/?p=1501 How can you take advantage of a K-shaped recovery?

Let’s have some real talk around how you can benefit from the current economic conditions. The thing is tech-enabled companies and digitally-focused businesses are massive boom in the last few years. And it can easily feel like maybe you or your business has been left behind.

Your own economic stimulus awaits

So whether you’re a content creator or a small business owner with a brick and mortar, a digital following, it is absolutely possible for you to take advantage of the high peaks of this economic recovery. So it’s called a K-shaped recovery because there really are two completely different types of businesses and owners and people in current economic conditions. There are those that were doing well that continue to do better, top of the K. And then there are those who are already struggling or in some sort of kind of difficult transition, bottom of the K, and they’re struggling even more now.

               Here’s the thing- small businesses, online content creators, creative professionals, they make up over half of the economic activity and create two thirds of the jobs in the United States. And yet, although you all are the lifeblood of the current economy, you also kind of struggled with where to go and how to reimagine or pivot in your business, and it’s definitely shown. It’s actually went from a pretty much anyone can live the American dream as it relates to business economy, to this really drastic difference between those who are doing well and getting better and those who are struggling and getting worse. And then of course, there’s this growing accentuation of corporate monopolistic activity that’s just making it even harder for you to get by as an independently-owned small business, creator or business owner, and it really does get in the way of your perception of how success can go and definitely makes the path a little less clear.

The strong will survive

               I acknowledge that, but at the end of the day, I’m a believer that the strong will survive. And if you’re strong and you want to get better, there’s opportunity. And that’s what I choose to focus on. I choose to look at the glass half full versus the glass half empty. So while there is a widening gap in our economy, I want to speak to those of you that want to see the benefits of that. That when Warren Buffett says, “Be fearful when others are greedy, and greedy when others are fearful.” You perked up, pulled your shoulders back and said, “Let me figure out how to get that done.” Instead of really feeling the weight of the struggles and the challenges. And I just think there’s two different personality types there. And some of you will deal with the struggles, but not be able to really make the most of the opportunity and there’ll be an elite few of you that are really seriously dialed in to whatever it takes to continue this great trend and make it even better.

Consider if it’s time to change

               So some of the things I think about is not only expanding your current business. So whether it’s going from digital to brick and mortar, brick and mortar to digital, going online hybrid live to on-demand, or maybe even just adding in things like e-commerce and retail into your business, or perhaps if you’re already e-commerce and retail base, maybe you’re adding services to what you do. The sky is really the limit. The concept here is to expand your market share and expand the share of your current clients and potential clients’ wallet. So this is where I say do more than just one thing. If you do one thing really well, that you have clients that are raving fan of your services, products, or offerings, it’s a great sign that you need to do more of what that target client needs. And so it may be time and to really invest in expanding services, adding products or vice versa.

Who is your target?

               And so what’s important to do when you’re thinking about that is to understand exactly who is your target client and what is it that they need from you that they’re not currently getting? Are they putting money aside for it and spending it elsewhere and therefore it’s a client you could easily bring over into your business? Will you need to require an expansion of their purse or pocketbook for what you’re offering so maybe they’ve never spent money on it before, but it solves a problem that they currently have? Those are really great places to be with a following, an audience, or a customer base that already loves one thing that you do that has another need that you can solve. Those where great businesses get so much better. As another example, it may be that your client base has officially widened, meaning you were serving a certain group of people a very specific niche and doing it so well that you’re able to realize other aspects of different niches that may be able to come in and enjoy your services, products, or offering.

Do more with what you already have

               Another great place to be is if you have a service or product that’s available right now successfully for a very specific ideal client. And yet, there is another ideal client, maybe in a different vertical or industry, maybe in a different skill set need, maybe they need some education to get to you but they’re available and you know that they spend money on what you offer and you just simply need to match make, you need to meet them, and offer them your services. It’s another great way for you to level up and do even more with what you currently are great at.

Focus on going from great to better

               You see, I believe that going from great to better, although it’s easier, it still takes strategy, intention and investment. And that’s where I usually step in. Most of my clients call me their chief revenue officer because I’m obsessed with making them more money and I’m unashamed about it. Why? Because what is more money in your purse or pocketbook allow you to do even beyond supporting yourself and your family? It allows you to have greater impact in your community, whether they’re in person or online. It allows you to really help the people that you’re passionate and skillful in helping. And yeah, it allows you to take your piece of the economy into your hands and out of maybe big business or tech or the government.

               I think those are all great things and likely a great idea for you to focus on making even more money. It is absolutely possible. And hey, if I can help in any way, I would be honored to. Let’s talk about your economy, soon.

xoxo KK

Look for the opportunity in every situation and you’re sure to find it! KK FIT TIP #1270

Focus on Strategy + Solutions, Not Software! https://hartincorporated.com/focus-on-strategy-solutions-not-software/ Tue, 01 Feb 2022 00:39:37 +0000 http://hartincorporated.com/?p=1499 Let’s talk about software, strategy and solutions. Oftentimes, I am meeting with business owners, getting to know their needs and their stuck points. And I’ll ask questions about strategies and solutions, and all I hear is software. {sigh}

Tech woes and no’s

All I hear is technology woes and things that they want to add as a tool and an equipment need. And actually, I believe that it’s the opposite that’s needed. It’s more about strategy and solutions now, more than ever before. And so I want to encourage you that as you look to software and technology, to enhance your business and improve your life, I truly believe in that concept, but I want to give you some cause for pause and to think through the strategy and the solution first, and then determine what software, if any, can help. So, it’s a different way of thinking.

Start with an audit

               I actually recommend that you audit everything that you use to generate new clients, to bring in revenue to the business and to retain and successfully keep existing clients. You may find that there are things you’re paying for right now that aren’t giving you what you want. And oftentimes, I don’t know, there’s something about being a business owner in the spaces that I support, in the industries that are quite heart leading, that we tend to keep things that don’t make sense instead of going with the change and doing something different that likely does make sense. So I recommend that you think through whether or not the software works for you. It may be a great time for you to consider a change to your client management system, which is a overhaul in and of itself, but it may be time. But it also may be time to scale back simply on this level of service that you’re purchasing so that you’re buying just enough that your business needs without too much.

Stabilize while investing in needs

               And it also may be time to purchase a little bit more software solution so that you have a resource that you can utilize that maybe decreases your staff time. It’s one of my favorite best practices, is kind of decreasing the payroll cost and having a stabilized flat automated cost that’s for software or tools that actually makes sense for client needs. So I want to encourage you today. Is it time for you to focus on strategy and solutions instead of software? And if it is, you may have a lot of questions about what that looks like for you, right? Should you stay? Should you go? Should you upgrade? Should you downgrade? Is there something you’re missing that’s actually available for a stuck point you’ve had for some time? I know this is a difficult path because what we know, we know, but what we don’t know can be debilitating and can be really detrimental to the business. So I want to encourage you to be open to change. Secondly, I suggest you reconsider and reevaluate every aspect of your software needs, both what you currently have and what you may have in the future.

Focus on return on investment (ROI)

               And finally, I want to encourage you to invest in the things that actually bring you return on investment. Too often, we’re executing on some sort of aspect of our business’ needs or sales and marketing that doesn’t even make sense to bring in more money. And I want to completely dispel that myth. There is no such thing as something that’s not revenue producing that’s essential, is quite the opposite. What’s essential should bring more money into your purse or pocketbook so that you can help more clients improve the business and enjoy what you’re doing again, as the owner or operator.

             If I can help you kind of navigate nuances of your software, considering different softwares, feel free to reach out!

FYI: I work with pretty much every aspect of technology in many different industries that include tech, wellness, finance and general content creators/influencers. I’m also quite tough on the software producers and technology makers, because I believe that oftentimes their goals are not the same as yours, right? Their goal is to get as much software and technology in your hands as possible. Your goal is to keep the cost as low as possible and maximize what you have. And I want to help you to right size that equation.

Curious about the platforms I typically recommend? Feel free to check out my comprehensive resources page (I call it “Things I Hart” 😊) for software recommendations and so much more!

And don’t forget, you can always reach out if you’d like a complimentary software analysis alongside a little direction on what’s best for Y-O-U. I’d be more than happy to give you some insights and give you some direction into what your next best step is.

 Let’s talk more about this soon!

xoxo KK

Technology works best when it’s cost is low and value is high! -KK FIT TIP #1266