Let’s talk about software, strategy and solutions. Oftentimes, I am meeting with business owners, getting to know their needs and their stuck points. And I’ll ask questions about strategies and solutions, and all I hear is software. {sigh}

Tech woes and no’s

All I hear is technology woes and things that they want to add as a tool and an equipment need. And actually, I believe that it’s the opposite that’s needed. It’s more about strategy and solutions now, more than ever before. And so I want to encourage you that as you look to software and technology, to enhance your business and improve your life, I truly believe in that concept, but I want to give you some cause for pause and to think through the strategy and the solution first, and then determine what software, if any, can help. So, it’s a different way of thinking.

Start with an audit

               I actually recommend that you audit everything that you use to generate new clients, to bring in revenue to the business and to retain and successfully keep existing clients. You may find that there are things you’re paying for right now that aren’t giving you what you want. And oftentimes, I don’t know, there’s something about being a business owner in the spaces that I support, in the industries that are quite heart leading, that we tend to keep things that don’t make sense instead of going with the change and doing something different that likely does make sense. So I recommend that you think through whether or not the software works for you. It may be a great time for you to consider a change to your client management system, which is a overhaul in and of itself, but it may be time. But it also may be time to scale back simply on this level of service that you’re purchasing so that you’re buying just enough that your business needs without too much.

Stabilize while investing in needs

               And it also may be time to purchase a little bit more software solution so that you have a resource that you can utilize that maybe decreases your staff time. It’s one of my favorite best practices, is kind of decreasing the payroll cost and having a stabilized flat automated cost that’s for software or tools that actually makes sense for client needs. So I want to encourage you today. Is it time for you to focus on strategy and solutions instead of software? And if it is, you may have a lot of questions about what that looks like for you, right? Should you stay? Should you go? Should you upgrade? Should you downgrade? Is there something you’re missing that’s actually available for a stuck point you’ve had for some time? I know this is a difficult path because what we know, we know, but what we don’t know can be debilitating and can be really detrimental to the business. So I want to encourage you to be open to change. Secondly, I suggest you reconsider and reevaluate every aspect of your software needs, both what you currently have and what you may have in the future.

Focus on return on investment (ROI)

               And finally, I want to encourage you to invest in the things that actually bring you return on investment. Too often, we’re executing on some sort of aspect of our business’ needs or sales and marketing that doesn’t even make sense to bring in more money. And I want to completely dispel that myth. There is no such thing as something that’s not revenue producing that’s essential, is quite the opposite. What’s essential should bring more money into your purse or pocketbook so that you can help more clients improve the business and enjoy what you’re doing again, as the owner or operator.

             If I can help you kind of navigate nuances of your software, considering different softwares, feel free to reach out!

FYI: I work with pretty much every aspect of technology in many different industries that include tech, wellness, finance and general content creators/influencers. I’m also quite tough on the software producers and technology makers, because I believe that oftentimes their goals are not the same as yours, right? Their goal is to get as much software and technology in your hands as possible. Your goal is to keep the cost as low as possible and maximize what you have. And I want to help you to right size that equation.

Curious about the platforms I typically recommend? Feel free to check out my comprehensive resources page (I call it “Things I Hart” 😊) for software recommendations and so much more!

And don’t forget, you can always reach out if you’d like a complimentary software analysis alongside a little direction on what’s best for Y-O-U. I’d be more than happy to give you some insights and give you some direction into what your next best step is.

 Let’s talk more about this soon!

xoxo KK

Technology works best when it’s cost is low and value is high! -KK FIT TIP #1266