Let’s talk about a principle I call ‘go for growth.’ So, I want to talk to you a about the things that maybe you’re not positioning your business for. Listen, this is a time where everyone is convinced that they’re being strategic and they’re trying to do more, but I actually believe that maybe we’ve lost our way as business owners and we’ve lacked focus on what really matters.

And if you’re looking for one clear place for you to invest both in yourself and your business, I’ve got three words for you. Go for growth. If you’re thinking about, do you invest in another brick and mortar business? Do you shift everything online or digital? Do you get rid of employees? Do you add to your debt? I’m going to give you three simple words, go for growth. If you’re wondering if there’s still a market for what you have to offer or it’s so saturated that maybe it’s difficult for you to crack the top earners or perhaps you’re not quite sure if there’s a future demand for what you have to offer, I’m going to give you three words of advice.

Say it with me, go for growth. And the reason I keep saying this over and over again is because I often see people who are convinced that they want a certain outcome, but they’re not willing to do the work or put together the strategy or be intentional about how to get there. And I could give you all the tips and tricks and hacks, and I do those and you can check those out at any time in other videos, but today I want to keep it very simple. I want to keep it very focused and I want to give you something that’s actionable. And the answer to every question that you may have right now about growing, earning, or even investing is go for growth. And if you can keep that front of mind, right? Don’t make it a mantra that you say once in a while and pack it away in your brain.

But put that in the forefront of your thinking. “I’m looking to invest in something. I don’t know how much I can afford. I don’t know how much I want to spend. How do I decide?” Go for growth. “I’m considering a massive change in my business, and I’m not really sure where to start or where I’ll end up. What do I do first?” Position yourself to go for growth. Maybe I’m in this place where I know I want more and I’m not quite sure what the steps are to get there, perhaps how much it will cost or what the reliance on me will be since I’m already tapped out and stretched then as an entrepreneur. And I’m going to give you that advice again, go for growth. Put growth in the front of your strategy, and don’t let it be an afterthought. Make growth the goal of all of your campaigns, all of your marketing, everything that you do, every client that you touch, every ounce of your energy should go towards your growth.

What’s your intention?

And just for a moment, I want to talk to you about what it takes to grow. Well, it takes a couple of very clear things. Number one is intention. And as much as I love making fun of mindset, I do believe there’s a piece of that that’s important, which is that your mindset controls your actions a lot of times. And so if you’re thinking broke, if you’re thinking like you can’t invest, you likely can’t. And so it is important that you are honest with yourself about where you’re at, maybe financially, where you’re at with your desires and where you want to be. There’s a level of honesty that will really directionally help guide you in the right place. Next, I want to talk about investment. I think it’s the single greatest thing that you can do to help yourself to grow. Maybe that investment is learning a skill that you’re not great at, but that you know if you took it over, it would be beneficial for your business or your life.

Be strategic

Maybe that investment is finding someone to do that skill, because you know ain’t nobody got time or desire for that. Investment is one of those things that really do take strategy. Oftentimes an ill-advised investment can be one of the biggest scars on your thought process of not investing again, right? Keeps you from being willing or open. And I really believe that that limits you as well. I think some of the best investments are strategic in dollar amount. They’re strategic in what does it bring to your audience following client base? And most importantly, they’re strategic to what you want to be in life. Where do you want to grow and who do you want to become as you do? And so if you’re willing to invest and you have the resources to invest, I think you may find that you can very easily go for growth and find success there.

What we desire, is what becomes

The last thing I’ll mention to you is about the desire to do everything. And there’s a reason why I keep reminding you to go for growth. And it’s because sometimes when you’re a solopreneur or even an entrepreneur that wears many hats, it’s very difficult to realize what you’re not good at or what you’re not capable of or what you’re not willing to do if you are of the mindset that you can never delegate or bring team members on or work with a partner or a consultant or coach or anything like that, to help you to be more successful, even when you are successful. So your willingness to give up the things you don’t want to do and willingness to own the areas and locus of your control that you are just fantastic at, can really be I think the game changer that you’re looking for to both sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor, but also lean in and see that you have gone for growth and it’s been good for you.

So of course I specialize in helping business owners do this very thing, grow, earn more money, and honestly find the profit that’s unlocked in their business and has been waiting to be put in your purse or pocketbook. And I would love to hear why you choose to go for growth. And so I’d love to encourage you to go for growth. And I believe that it may be the very thing you need to make more money and improve your life along the way. Let’s talk about this, soon!

xoxo KK

Change is considered inevitable… but growth is optional! Here’s a hint, time for you to go for growth” -KK FIT TIP #1083