Let’s talk about a really unique way to improve your content creation…. It’s a concept I call grow and hold.

               You see as a strategic advisor to many content creators, one thing I find that’s currently missed is that the goal of your current structure is really heavily determined on everything that you have to do versus treating what you do like a business. It’s interesting because I’m known to be a strategic advisor to more than just content creators. I work with small, medium, and even large businesses. And what I find is that, often as a content creator, it takes a little bit to get started. And then, it really takes a lot of intention and strategy to grow to the point of going what I call boom, right? Having that level of success, where you’ve created a brand and you’ve found the right client that you want to attract and spend more time with, perhaps sell things too. And I think that’s where looking at your content creation more like a business can be really helpful for you.

Get out of hobby mode

               So, I want to give you three really simple ways to get you out of hobby mode and into business as a content creator. Number one is to invest in resources, software advisory, that helps you to do just that to grow. I think oftentimes it’s meant to be perceived as a one-man or one-woman show. And although maybe on camera, that’s the case, some of the best content creators in your niche are likely utilizing teams that support them. Everything from running ads, setting up their digital structure in the backgrounds, helping them to kind of grow the brand, coming up with ideas of content. This is where the good are great, but the great are even better. And so, I want to recommend to you that if you’re serious about making this something that you can sustain for the long term, that you find the right fit for you with regards to team, structure, and how you look to do this without having everything weigh on your shoulders.

Resources to use

               Number two is to have resources set aside to invest in your content creation business. There’s an old saying, “It takes money to make money.” And I think one of the unique aspects of being a content creator, depending on when you started, is that maybe it didn’t take much for you to get started. Maybe it didn’t take much for you to grow and find an audience and subscribers and people who really believe in you. But we’re in a new world now and much of what we do is pay-to-play.

               And so, my recommendation is to take the earnings that you make from your content creation and use a percentage of that to reinvest into the business. Maybe improve some aspects of your camera quality, or having a better vision for your content and how it’s delivered, or trying new things, right? Offering things that maybe you are only video creating right now, but you need to add photos or written content. And this is where I think having the money set aside in order to do so can just help you to do exactly what you want to do, and still have people to support you for the things that you don’t want to touch. And that’s a really important aspect of success for most creators.

Be intentional

               Lastly, I want to recommend that you’re intentional. I don’t think that it’s common, but it does happen that folks are accidentally thrust into the spotlight, that you’re an accidental creator. And sometimes we’re a bit resistant to what it takes to get to the next level. And I want to encourage you there. I believe that it is an intentional strategic thing that you’ve done. It is no different than putting your name on a commercial lease and starting a brick-and-mortar business for instance. And it takes that level of intention and strategy in order to get there.

               It may not be that the first thing you do makes sense. It may be that the first thing you do is to determine what can you do with the resources you currently have in the short term, and then plan a head for the long term. So, there’s plenty of options to help you to make you a business more professional, to make it more of a business and less of a hobby. And most importantly, for you to love every time you turn on the camera or take a picture. Because I think that’s sometimes the perception of what happens when you start treating content creation like a business. The perception is that you’ll feel like it’s not as fun. It’s not as authentic.

               And I’m actually here to encourage you that it’s absolutely possible to love what you do even more and make more money while doing it. I’m proof of that. And I want to encourage you to think differently about how you grow, how you strive to thrive, and most importantly, how you consider the next steps of this amazing content creation and company that you may be starting. And if I could be helpful in any way, feel free to reach out, I’d be more than happy to walk you through an analysis of how you can do these things and give you a plan that you can utilize for the now and for the future. Let’s talk more about this, soon!

xoxo KK

It’s better to go slow in the right direction, than to blaze a trail in a wrong direction. KK FIT TIP # 1110