Today, I’d like encourage you, and also give you some tangible ways that you can improve your self care… Not just #SelfCareSunday, not just Saturday, but every day. You see, I really believe that self care is an every day, almost every moment, intentional experience! (Not really burying the lead here am I!?)

I think oftentimes we love these cute little hashtags and catch phrases (I mean what’s not to like about # SelfCareSunday!?). But what we really need to think about is what does it take for me to get to Sunday? Maybe it will require a self care Tuesday or Wednesday, just so we can get to those next couple of days! And so, especially for you hard working, entrepreneurial, career builders, it’s incredibly important that you put your oxygen mask on first, before you support those who you manage or those who you help in any way.

Put Your Oxygen Mask On… Get Your Self Care Ish Together!

I think one of the most overlooked, but also over-hyped aspects of doing so is to focus on your self care. You know, I’ve been in the wellness industry on the business side for about 20 years and I’ve watched the definition of self care, really mold and change over the years… It went from kind of strictly focused on beauty, to now encapsulating, beauty, wellness and even health in a much more holistic way! And honestly, I think we’re also focused much more focused on our health, supplementation, listening to our medical professionals (most of the time), having a regular routine for how we look within and take care of ourselves when we do. I’m actually thrilled to see the definition of self-care evolve alongside solutions that we can enjoy that are both luxurious and easily accessible, no matter what aspect of life you’re in or what budget you have! I think that’s also a part of the self-care movement- making it even more democratized than it was before.

Despite that and because of ALL of that… I’m really proud to be a self-care junkie! I often find that especially working with, elite business owners, there are some really key benefits to upping your self care game that’s not always popular to talk about.

So, being me (no frills, tries to tell it like it is etc)…. I thought I would share some of that with you today! I’m going to get the first one out  of the way-  it’s going to piss some people off and I’m okay with that 😃

Taking Care of All of You

It’s essential to take the best possible care of your body. I mean this wholeheartedly- like really taking care of your body! Things like exercise, how you view your self, making sure you get enough of the nutrients and vitamins that you need etc. You know unfortunately (another truth bomb coming!), this has become such a vanity metric for a lot of people that they look the part, but maybe on the inside are not exactly as healthy as they may appear, or that they may purport themselves to be (ugh like everyone on social and all these nonsense gurus!). I’m a big believer in getting the ‘clothing rack,’ aka your actually health, wellbeing and body, looking as good as the clothing or accessories that may be on it. Call me crazy- but I am just a very consistent, overly intentional person when it comes to my health and wellness. And that is especially important when it comes to my mind and body.

So I swear I am not here to tell you that you’re doing it all wrong and that you need to workout more or eat cleaner, but I am going to encourage you to make regular movement a part of your life and to get to know your self in a way that can allow you to love it better with your words and your actions. I actually truly believe that as we get older, we need to move more instead of less- we also need to make sure we know ourselves best so our habits are a ritual in intention vs hurt and pain. So yeah, that’s kind of countercultural to what we hear, but as I’m getting older, I’m literal focusing on taking the best care of myself. Whether that’s moving more, maybe walking, exercising, just loving my body in different ways. And I really encourage that, because the more we move, the better we feel about ourselves, the better our self reflection and self love is. But of course, the bonus is that also we elicit happy endorphins inside of our brain! Truth? I definitely get high exercising lol. And I’m not afraid to say it- nothing wrong with getting high naturally and healthfully! I think it’s incredibly important to find healthy ways to feel good. To be super clear- this is not about body type or shaming you if you’ve yet to be able to enjoy the regular practice of getting high naturally! Let me be even more direct- this is not about losing weight.

I’m not recommending this to help you to meet some cultural norm. I’m not about that life! But I am encouraging you to take truly good care of your body inside and out.

Invest in Your Emotional, Natural Self Care As Much as the Outer Layer

The second, often underrepresented aspect of self care that I want to encourage you in is a little more fun – truth be told, it may be those areas of your inner, emotional growth and your development that you may have put off. This may be everything from taking time to check in with a counselor, to joining a book club, to journaling on a regular basis, getting enough sleep…these are all things that we all know are good for us, but we often like “ain’t nobody got time for that”- so we lack focus and consistency in those areas. I like to think of these aspects of our self care as almost like a ‘level up.’ I can truly share that when I started sleeping eight plus hours a night, my undereye bags went away (like I literally stopped needing concealer ever again kind of went away!). My hair felt different. My body felt different. Life seems to be getting more amazing and exciting ever since!

So even those materialistic, external validation aspects of my life genuine improved and just kept getting better… really! So a note from the other side: less concealer, less makeup in general, it has been suuuuch a good thing overall! I would say that sometimes especially with improvements to our lives and self love like this- oftentimes the external drives the internal, and that’s totally okay! But particularly as we focus on the inner health as much as the physical- it’s all the way around important. I think this is one area that you could probably add some new focus on tomorrow and really see the results and the benefits very, very quickly. That’s a good thing- especially if you’re the instant gratification type (heyyy millennial and Gen Z friends- I’m not judging I’m right there with you in many ways!).

Reap the Benefits of Personal Development, Financial Literacy and All the Responsible Things!

Finally, I do want to touch on this aspect of loving oneself, knowing myself and maybe investing in who you are now and who you want to be a little bit more. You know, one of the best currencies of someone’s true success is their ability to improve who they are, what they earn, even how and where they fit into the world. (This is likely one key benefit for you #boss!)

That is the ultimate luxury. A personal story to bring this to light: There was once a time, my husband and I were sitting on a plane, we sat next to a super successful, known person and we got to talking about what makes success and what makes life worth living. And what I thought was incredibly important was that he shared that he realized quite late in his career- much further into his success than he would’ve liked- that it’s not about the external, it’s not about the materialistic. It’s not about the bigger house, or a nicer car, and the external, physical look of being successful. What really matters- the greatest benefit of success and even with monetary achievements- it’s the benefit of t-i-m-e. (Makes sense right!?) It’s the time you get to invest in family, time to invest in your personal and professional development (so you can make even more money!), time to invest in your future passions even! And I think overall, it’s essential to realize that those who are really doing well in life- even from a tanglible, material perspective- they generally want to have more time to enjoy life, to enjoy their success, enjoy their money!

I can absolutely confirm this with my experience in working with such successful business owners on the coaching and consulting side – it’s an absolute fact. Trust me friends, you want to be one of those people who get to the level of success where you’ve got the currency of time to maybe work on things that you never dreamed you’d have the ability to, or maybe to focus on an area of your life that you always desired, but didn’t have time, or scope, or focus.

I really want this level of self care for YOU! No one talks about it but the luxury of time is a true blessing – whether you end up wanting to volunteer, give to charity, to spend a little more time with loved ones- and all without being worried about what emails are popping up and who needs you at work. This is not a dream… but it can be a dream to enjoy life at this level! It may be difficult to fathom depending on where you are in life in business in your career. But I really want to encourage you to start focusing on more than just the beauty and external aspects of your self care!

Now, don’t hear this and think you’ll need to wait for some ridiculously high level of success that feels unattainable or thinking you need a certain number in your bank account to focus on these things. My friends, I’ve learned a lot with the success I’ve had and feel incredibly grateful to share with you. But even with all the personal development, extra time and more money- I’m constantly reminded that life is incredibly short. I think we know that now more than ever! Life is also incredibly beautiful… And because of these two things, I encourage you to enjoy both the time that you have, and to make the most out of your opportunities to improve your physical, emotional and tangible self care needs. You can have it all! It may just take a little extra strategy and intention to figure out how… but I believe in you!

I’d also love to hear the areas that you choose to focus on as aspects of your self care and growth, and maybe the areas that you could use a little kick in the butt about (a few of my favorite things)!

Let’s talk more soon.

It’s time to become the work in progress that you’ve been waiting for! KK FIT TIP #1801