Let’s talk about the actual things you need to do in your mind to get further in life. For me, I’m not a big fan of talking about mindset. I actually call it b.s. most times, and I really wanted to provide you something that was not just like dream it and it will happen, or think and grow rich. I wanted you to have a practical, tangible way to adjust your mind and also to enhance your life.

               For me, I’m a very pragmatic person. So it’s really hard to speak to you from a whimsical or dream based perspective when it comes to mindset. What’s worked for me in life is being a lot more practical and pragmatic about how I view my success, how I view what I want for my relationship, and essentially how I envision my life. That was the key to my success.

The key to success

               So for me, the thinking through what actually made me successful, it did start up here. It does start in the mind, but it was actually personified by a very specific action in the mind. And I’m going to call that visualization. I’m sure there’s a million other ways to explain this, but for me, I can think of a very young age, even as young as maybe under 10, where I use visualization to teach myself things that I had not yet learned. To learn and to see myself being great at something that I wasn’t quite great at yet. I have found that in every aspect of my life using visualization has led to tremendous success and great outcomes. So why wouldn’t I share that with you?

Visualize your success, first

               I think it’s the missing piece to a lot of the things that maybe we hear or read or share with our friends and maybe in community and in groups that we’re in. And it’s because it goes a little bit beyond just the thinking. It goes a little bit beyond just the conversation you may have had with a trusted advisor or a friend. It really is like a visual. You have to see it to believe it. And that takes a little bit of creativity. I’m not going to lie. I did have an imaginary friend for the first five or six years of my life. So maybe I’m a little bit more creative than I give myself credit for, but I do believe that it has to go beyond just declaring it to someone and asking someone to think about that with you or pray with you, which I do believe in. But I also believe that you have to visualize it, see it, and actually believe it in your heart. Doesn’t that feel really hokey? It does to me too.

               I can tell you with no uncertainty that it works. And the reason that I believe that most people overlook visualization versus book reading, saying something out loud or any other way that you encourage yourself. And I think it’s because it feels a little crazy. It feels a little like, “So I’m going to close my eyes and see myself being in this place that I’m not.” And it feels like a long shot. For me personally, it was an easier thing to do because it was action oriented than to simply just have this idea that I share with someone and hope that it comes out. See, for me, hope is not a strategy and hope doesn’t often lead to success, just to be honest. So if I could encourage you to do one thing is to go beyond hope, go beyond excitement, go beyond white knuckling, which is essentially like doing something that you’re not quite ready to do yet, but you’re going to do it and actually visualize the thing that you want to accomplish, visualize the you that you want to be, and then act the part. So that’s the last part of this.

Manifest your success

               It’s not good enough to simply say it, write it, declare it, and then visualize it and see yourself in that position or see yourself with that attainment. You actually have to act the part. So it’s incredibly important that if you want to improve the way you look, whatever that may mean for you, you have to then have this swagger as if you are already looking that way so that you’re acting the part to lead yourself into the success that you want.

               I’ll give you just a personal example to close and it’s going to sound crazy. So for a long time, I grew up very poor. My mom couldn’t afford to send me to gymnastics, which is something I always wanted to do. So for about three years prior to that, I would go to the library and get books about gymnastics. I wouldn’t get novels. I wouldn’t get books with like a storyline about gymnastics. I would get actual tactical books about how to throw a back handspring, how to do a standing back tuck, how to do a back bend. And then I would read the book, visualize myself doing the steps over and over and over. Yeah. And then at times, do that for months, weeks, even years until I was actually able to try it. So some of those things you could do at home, like maybe a back bend, but like a standing back handspring or standing back tuck, I couldn’t do that for about three years after I even read the book.

               So for me, looking back, what really connected the dots was the visualization first, right? Putting it into practice, second. So I actually started gymnastics. I actually took lessons. I actually was grateful that my mom was able to save up and not only let me start gymnastics lessons, but also take privates so I could really go further faster. But then as I was learning, I walked in there as if I knew what I was doing already. What was interesting is that when I started, every coach I worked with asked me where I trained like, who did I work with before, how did I get those skills so quickly?

The sky’s the limit

               Now, the thing is I never told them about the books and the reading and the visualization, because to be honest, I never really realized I was doing that for so many things in my life. I did it for gymnastics. I did it for horseback riding. I did it for cheerleading. I did it for all these other aspects of my life. But looking back, it absolutely helped me go further faster and it helped me to attain the skills that I wanted, actually stuck with that skill for 15 years. So the sky’s the limit, my friends.

               So I really hope that you’ll give this a try. My tangible advice is to choose something that you’re really looking forward to, that you really want to attain or acquire and make sure it’s something that’s not just a desire of your heart, but that you’re willing to work for, because those are keys to the success. And then start the process, start visualizing, come up with how you’re going to practically attain this and then yeah, be the you that you want to be, whatever that may mean. And I really believe for you that could be the missing piece to your next success. Let’s talk about all you need to manifest, soon!

xoxo KK

All we are is a result of what we believe… so believe the best and the rest will come to fruition. KK FIT TIP #1145