Let’s talk about a way you can improve your life so you can be more productive in your business, relationships and personal time… blue light glasses can be a simply level up for you business #boss!

So first, I should tell you that I don’t wear glasses. I use blue light glasses that are specifically for when I’m working on the computer… this is just one example of a way you can improve your lifestyle so you can be more productive in your business, relationships and personal time.

Why making your lifestyle better helps your biz

For me, I had a wake up call a couple of months ago when a family member was having some health ailments. And I realized that there are times in life where listen, you can accept life as it comes to you, or you can do something about the outcomes that you desire and even change the course. For me, this was a little step in that direction because I wanted to protect my eyes. I spent gosh, maybe 12 to 14 hours a day in front of a screen, particularly a computer screen and maybe a little bit of TV.

 And so for me, when I looked at the science behind blue light, to be honest, I wasn’t super sold. It seemed like it was still very new, very exploratory, very much so like, choose your own adventure. If you want to do it, great. If you want to ignore that, it’s okay too. And so for me, I chose this as a path of better resistance so that I could be prepared. So I use them only when I’m in front of a screen. And for me, I really only do it in front of my computer screen because everything else is just very short term. And it allows me to see clearer. Some of the other benefits I’ve definitely seen is that I am specifically able to kind of turn my brain off after certain periods of time and points of the day. I don’t know if you’re like me, my brain’s constantly going.

Keep your focus

I always have ideas. I’m always jotting stuff down in my notes, so I don’t forget. I’m naturally quite forgetful. And so with such an active brain, I really feel like I have a lot of brain activity, which doesn’t mean I’m smart actually, just means I have a lot of brain activity. I find that these help me to not be overly stimulated throughout the evening. And so, if I can work, you know, I really try not to work past 5:00 PM, but if I were to work past that, or should be on my computer for maybe some fun, I’ll definitely keep these on as well, because I do see a difference between heading to bed an hour or two after screen time with these on and heading to bed an hour or two after screen time with these off, honestly. I’ve even tested it where I woke up super early in the morning to get a task done, like 4:00 AM, used the glasses the entire time, and then was able to go back to sleep for three hours. And that really seemed like a great case for me to continue to use them.

Protect your health

So those are short term gains. Long term for me is also protecting my eye health. I’m big believer in being proactive with your health and with your wellness. And so this is just one step that you can do that may make you a bit more productive. It definitely helps me to stay focused. When I have these on, I know I’m in work mode, so that helps. But also, it helps me to know that I’m not doing the opposite of what I do at the gym for my body, right? So to me at this point with the amount of screen time, I have watching a screen for 12 to 14 hours a day, seven days a week without these on is kind of like skipping my workout for four weeks, which I would never do.

And so for me, it’s just that little thing I can do that may or may not make a huge difference in the long term, but certain helps me to feel like I’m doing something, I’m doing my part to really improve my eye health. I’m not an optometrist, I’m not a eye health provider of any kind. I’m just a normal everyday gal who wanted to level up in my productivity and to help kind of prevent anything from degrading further with my eyes, although, right now I have great vision and I’m getting older.

Looking ahead

And so I’m looking at the future and anything I can do now to be proactive for a better life later, that’s typically the life that I choose to live now, so I can hopefully have a better one later on in the future. So I don’t know, they may look a little crazy and they’re probably a little crooked because I put them on like three, four times, but I think it’s worth the investment. And I’ve been really happy with that.

Let’s talk about leveling up your productivity, to grow your business and improve your life!

xoxo KK

Productivity is less about what you do with your time… and more about what you invest in with your MIND. -KK FIT TIP #1249