Let’s talk about how you can improve the experience for your audience, for those that you influence, that patron you in anyway and to improve what you’ve built as a content creator/founder, business owner, influencer or even as you’re starting out!

Make it a business

               So, first I want to encourage you to treat what you do as a business. There’s something really encouraging about starting a business and making sure that you’ve followed through on every aspect of the needs of the business. I think that’s what’s different from content creation is that with a business there’s more of an structure, there’s more professionalism from the very beginning. Some of you may have become content creators without ever thinking about the long term or how you were going to utilize this for future success so I want to encourage you to think about how you can professionalize the business and make more money.

Improve the experience

               One way to do so is to improve your viewers’ experience. That can be through a plethora of different things, one of which is changing out equipment cameras, how you present the business or brand. That’s an easy area for you to improve on.

               I want to talk to you more about the structural, more business savvy aspects of your content creation and how your client’s experience can be drastically improved. So if you’re focusing on an ad revenue structure or even a affiliate link structure, you may find that clients are not exactly getting the experience that they want, because they are supporting you through an ad viewing experience.

Give options

I actually recommend that maybe you present both to your audience. So you may have, let’s say, your YouTube audience that is more than happy to watch an ad to support your channel, but you also have your completely ad free, high resolution, very professional, private group, or private video service that allow them to get the very best without any of the extra perceived gotchas and gimmicks of YouTube.

So, that can be an area that seems like a massive undertaking, so reach out. I’d be more than happy to give you some insights and give you some direction into what your next best step is. Let’s talk more about this, soon.

xoxo KK

To help yourself by helping others is a true win-win -KK FIT TIP #1150