Let’s talk about a very simple philosophy that has gotten me to a level of success that, honestly I could have never dreamed of before. And also it is simple advice that I think anyone at any stage of your business, of your personal life, of honestly anything that you’re working towards, may find really beneficial. It’s a simple phrase that I’ve used my entire career and my entire life in order to stay focused on what really matters:

 Make more and spend less (🎤drop!)

The Simple Life

 I want to talk about living the simple life a little bit today! Notice I said, make more, not to scale back, not to feel meek, not to make yourself small, but also to keep maybe what’s important to you in mind to have perspective on what really drives you and what’s important. So that spending less may not even mean financially. Maybe what you put value in now is different from where you need to go (physically and/or proverbially) and what you need to focus on next. So, I’d like to break down each aspect of this, but first to be clear- I am a firm believer in growth, personal growth, professional growth. I’m here for all👏 of👏 it! And I’m excited to be the person who encourages you! But I also really want to be very clear. There’s only so many ways to become more successful. And a lot of it comes down to basic principles that, you can apply to your personal life to your professional life in order to find that success actually come to fruition.

Why Can’t Both Be True: Balance

The simplest thing to focus on first is balance, which is why I say you both need to make more and spend less. You likely already know by now that you can’t solely save your way into success, but spoiler alert- you also can’t focus on making more money or doing the ‘most’, or, you know, acquiring a bunch of things or focus on materialistic happiness. This is because you kind of lose the important focus on some of the most important aspects of who you are, what’s important to you, what are your values and how do you feel most appreciated and just overall great about yourself!

The truth is, when I analyze the success of clients, friends, family members, people that you probably know and admire the most- it almost never comes down to this flashy, extravagant lifestyle with lots of material things and focus on self only. It really is a balance between, you know, their familial and interpersonal relationships and external success that kind of just gives them more time and more stability in those other relationships and other aspects of life.

More Money Alone Is Not Enough (Gasp!)

I can actually truly say this I have never met a business owner that I’ve worked with that just feels instantly better by making more money if the rest of their life isn’t in order, and vice versa. As a reminder, it’s me- the personal and business coach! I absolutely believe that it’s important to grow. It’s one of my favorite things to encourage you to do in coaching sessions, on this blog, in the Youtube community etc.

But today, I want to share more of an overarching focus that I want to encourage you to have on the simplicity, and the joys of life that come from the growth and the exciting aspects of leveling up, but also from having a good perspective of what really matters to you and what you need from other aspects of your life, even other aspects of your business. So it’s not just about, the cold, hard cash in your bank account (although I’m here for that too!). But it’s also about this holistic view of: ‘what’s the purpose of life!?’

You know, easy questions like ‘what is the reason that you get out of bed for?’ Or how about, ‘why did you leverage everything to start the business that you did’ and ‘what makes you so passionate about it each day, each month, each year?’

The Tough, Yet Fulfilling Part

So you can see it really is a focus that I believe we all have to have that’s a lot more well-rounded than just to encourage you to ‘get money, honey’ and to make it to a certain level of notoriety. I’d like to talk briefly about, spending less and why I believe living underneath your means is the true definition of wealth in America today.

I think it’s because we’re in this debt driven culture where people feel the burden of showing their success and showcasing who they are based on those things, right? (Can we be honest!?)

Whether it’s material things or, you know, your physical attributes, or anything like that! And I think it’s really hard to push back and say, “this is actually not the purpose of my life.” And then follow up with really taking the time to realize that the purpose of your life is not what your hair looks like, not what you’re wearing, not what designers you rock. It’s not even the network of influence you surround yourself with or how you show your wealth or relevance in the world. (I’M LOOKING AT YOU INSTAGRAM AND TIK TOK!). It’s hard to say this without seeming preachy, but I really believe we’ve kind of lost our way, friends!

And so we’re so busy making more, to do anything differently than spend less! We’ve lost the true reason that making more can actually be good for us. It is not the root of evil! In fact, because we’re not spending less, we’re so busy, acquiring anything we can ($$$, attention, energy etc), and subsequently pushing it all out whether it comes to energy, money and everything in between. We’re finding ourselves more lost than ever!

The Humility of Making More, Spending Less

So friends, I just want to help you to find balance here, truly! I do think that celebrating your success is the single most important thing you do in life and in business. So do it!

I also think right alongside that is the humility of the heart that allows you to realize that there is just so many more important things… and that you can simplify your life at the same time as improving it!

Of course, this is not a get rich quick scheme, nor is it super sexy to share so openly… (amiright?!). This is not advice to fast track your success as you may desire. But is truly what I believe is best for you because I’m living it now. And the view from here is ah-mazing!!!

And for the record, I worked my a$$ off to get here… So I want to say it one more time. You absolutely could and should make more money. Awesome! Great! I’m rooting for you!

I’m just also recommend that you find areas in your life to simplify in any way that you can.

Maybe it is to spend less. Maybe it’s just less focus on the tangible/material rewards to success. And it could also be something as simple as to figure out the true desires of your heart, your purpose in life, and how you can contribute more to your faith, family, the world, and even your local community based on that.

So that feels soft coming from a business expert and life coach.. I know 😁 But I hope you’ll hear my heart, which is that I absolutely encourage and will ALWAYS celebrate your successes! I just hope you also take the time to realize that it’s not entirely what defines you… good, bad or otherwise. And finally, that it is also a freaking luxury to not only make more, but find ways to simplify, spend less and enjoy the very BEST that life has to offer for you.

Let’s talk more about this soon.

The more you can earn = the more you can learn + your investment/hustle and follow through! KK FIT TIP #1999