Let’s talk about productivity, and how you can level up in your ability to do better, faster.

So, the smartphone… boy, that has really created a stir over the last couple of decades, hasn’t it? I do believe that there are things that you can be more productive with by using your cell phone, to hack your brain and hack your skillsets. I want to share this with you today because I believe that some of the things I do, specifically with my phone and devices, are genuinely what led to my success in life. It sounds crazy. And also my success professionally. So let’s go.

Too many emails, too little time

So first, I want to talk to you about emails. Oh-em-gee emails are such a pain, and we get so many of them these days. So my first tip, is to take emails off of your phone. I don’t believe that getting push notifications every time you get an email from Walmart is actually going to make you more productive. I think a lot of times that little ding, that push, that concern about what’s coming to your phone, especially when you’re not in working hours, can be really something that keeps you from being, not just more productive, but also just happier in life. It’s probably been close to a decade since I took notifications off of my email app, and I found that it gives me a sense of peace. It sounds like really silly to say, but it helps me to realize that when I’m in work mode and I’m checking email, I am genuinely looking for the responses that are there. I’m looking for the promotions that are there, but when I’m not, I’m able to turn it off and not be so connected to my devices.

Take note, and follow through!

Secondly, I do think this is a great tool to use for keeping your notes and your to-do list. There’s a specific app I love, that actually places your notes and your to-do list, inside of your notification bar. Love that, because it gives you a chance to be accountable and to constantly be aware of the things you need to do. If you’re like me, you have an ongoing to-do list, things that are always coming up, or that you’re keeping track of, and it’s important that you don’t miss those things. So setting reminders, having it in your notifications which you likely do this, all day long, because I know I do, really helps to make sure that nothing goes overlooked, and again, it’s in front of your face, it’s in your mind, and it’s just something that keeps you fully accountable and productive to the things that you need to get done.

Be truly social (and cut the b.s.!)

The last thing, is to use this as a tool to make you smarter and more successful, and not just a social community-driven product, and so I’m going to take a big dig at social media here. I do love running ads and doing all those things I do for my clients with regards to digital marketing. What I don’t love, is how people let social media run their lives, and keep them from, I think, being not just more successful with their time and how much they devote to screen and to this little guy right here, but also how they let it affect their self-esteem, and how they let it affect their life, and how they view themselves, and how they present themselves. And so, this tool can be amazing to help you to reach your goals, whether personal or professional, help you to take pictures, which is probably my number one favorite use of cell phones, especially these days, where they have great cameras on them.

It is not the most important thing for you to have in your hand all day, checking and ignoring the folks around you, and I really mean that. I’m a big believer in practicing what I preach, and so in our home, we are not to have phones out at dinner. We don’t spend the whole day on them with regards to social media, checking notifications, that kind of stuff, and we do believe that our phones are meant to be an extension of our work lives, and we treat them as such, which means they’re always on vibrate or silent. When I’m in meetings, my phone is on silent and no one will be able to reach me. So I have the most amount of focus for my clients, really being able to lean into their needs without any added distraction, and I believe that can be true for you at work, or any time that you need to focus and remove the distractions that are typically in this little guy.

So I’m believing for you, a more productive, more successful life, but I’m also hoping that you’ll figure out how this fits into it, and that it’s not everything, but it is something that you can use to maybe add to that enjoyment, add to that success, and add to that productivity that I know you may be looking for.

I’d love to take your questions. Comment below, let me know where you’re looking for apps and tools that may help you as you right-size what’s going on on your phone, and also maybe tell me a little bit about what you use your phone for.

Let’s talk about this, soon!

xoxo KK

Focus on making your life, business, wellbeing productive, instead of just being busy. -KK FIT TIP #1066