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Today, let’s talk about a vital sign that you can use to take a pulse on whether or not your business or services are doing well. That vital sign is profit.

The purpose of profit

You see, every element of business, even if you’re starting it as a hobby, should come down to profitability. The definition of profit is your revenue, how much money you earn. Your income minus your expenses, what you spend to earn that income.

So what this means is when you’re looking at profit as a vital sign of sorts for your business, it’s going to tell you whether or not it’s time for you to invest and lean into the business or a perhaps if you need to put some brakes on and look at areas in which that you can create efficiencies, maybe better improve your marketing, or if you’re missing some element of your product market fit for clients.

All that matters in business

It’s incredibly important that profitability is not only your goal, but also your north star, where you’re looking to achieve and where you’re striving every day with everything that you do in the business to be successful and profitable.

Now, they may call me ‘the profit professional,’ but that just means I want everyone to be able to profit (more) from their businesses.

I’d love to talk to you more about your profit needs. It really is the hidden vital sign that you’re missing to better understand your growth ability and your business’s next best steps.

xoxo KK

The real vital sign to success is profit and financial health… not how ‘big’ the business is. -KK FIT TIP #1257