Let’s talk about how slow, steady change can actually change your life and improve your business! You know, so many times I interact with business owners that are looking for growth, that are excited about both personal and professional success… And I think that, regardless of whether it’s your first success or a sustained success, or even a success that maybe you’re planning for, there’s often some misperception about how you get to that point and specifically about the difference between this rapid growth, instantaneous focused society that we live in, and the slow, steady, consistent growth that really tends to stand the test of time and help you to be even more successful both personally and professionally.

The Best Change is Slow

I really do believe the BEST change is often slow- whether you’re working on physical needs, emotional needs, business needs even working through some of those innermost, personal things.

It’s just one of those best practices that I can truly apply to both life and business seamlessly. And I think it’s important to share with you now more than ever!

So when I think about why slow, steady, small changes really do work, it’s because there’s a methodology to being successful in almost anything in life. It has a lot to do with taking the time to analyze, and truly understand what is needed as your first step, and the subsequent steps after that.

And then there is the act of implementation, which is often glossed over in our current culture, right?! (Up on the soapbox I go)… It’s very sexy to talk about overnight successes and side hustles that turned into massive cash cows. What isn’t exciting in our culture these days is the concept of putting your head down, getting to work, and seeing it slowly and consistently come to fruition. Maybe it’s a bit of an occupational hazard for me that I just can’t buy into that b.s. – and that’s even when I’ve seen it work out!

No More Spaghetti at The Wall

The reason is, more often than not. It really is one of those spaghetti at the wall opportunities where someone struck gold with an idea, with a circumstance, with something they fell into naturally. (Seriously on the soap box here, but it’s so high and comfie lol). It’s very, very different to plan for your success and to make sure that you’re able to see that success through to fruition. So my friends, that is why I know that slow small steady change works!

I’ve used behavior modification like this in almost any aspect of life that you could think of, whether it was personal, or if it was getting a client through certain needs or struggles that they had. It’s not spaghetti at the wall… this ish works!

The best part? This can be applied literally to a physical need, an emotional need, a financial need or interpersonal needs. I’ve literally lived through the benefits of slow, small change- sometimes personally, and often alongside my business or life coaching clients. And I can tell you that proverbially speaking (although many moons ago I was also a fitness coach)- the client who loses a hundred pounds in 30 days, versus the client that loses a hundred pounds in two years… there is a difference in how they’re able to keep the weight off. Period. Do the research (fun exercise: Google ‘biggest loser weight gain’ for a 2000s era version of this admonition!)

Enjoy Long Term Success

This difference between short term and long term benefits of slow, consistent change is exactly the same, whether it is staffing your business, or applying to some area of your life that maybe is not as turnkey or as consistent as you’d like it to be!

Here’s the big secret to this one, these slow, small, steady changes I’m referencing? You probably already know what they are. You likely know the things that need to be done to truly get to where you want to be. And that’s where typically, I work with people who know what they need to do, but they need someone to help them to implement, stay on track and accountable to getting that success.

So I want to encourage you today to know that you have and know what you need to get to those kind of big picture, exciting moments that you’re dreaming of and working towards. You can absolutely meet the goals and the desires of your heart, of your business and of your life simply by sticking with those things you know to do.

🎉 Insert giant YAY here 🎉

And as much as I love helping people get to that next level, and make breakthroughs happen both in their business and their personal life… I want to empower you today that you may know the things that are needed, and that, that may be enough for you in order to really actualize the success that you want.

For many, they do still need a ton of support and accountability. Let’s be real- the small changes, they’re not nearly sexy and exciting, right?!

They don’t give you these big milestones that you can get excited and cheer about. And so you oftentimes need someone to keep you on the right path,  to redirect you when you’re starting to wane, or those times that sneak up and leave you feeling misguided or misdirected.

That’s where I’ve lived through, enjoyed and helped others to see the benefits of having a no deprivation, no struggles approach to this can be really toxic because many times… I’m just going to say it- it leads you to be white knuckling… which is a phrase we often use in behavior management.

So that’s typically where white knuckling comes in… I’ll hear someone say, “ I know what I need to do. I’m just going to do it, but my heart’s not in it.” Or, their desire isn’t really there, or it’s their short term, but not long term.

No White Knuckling or Fake it Till You Make It- Ever!

Hear me out friend- there’s one thing I know about slow, small steady change… it’s that it works! But, you have to work at it. You can’t bullsh*t it. You can’t sidestep each of the different things that need to be done.

So, it’s incredibly important that you are slow, steady, consistent, and small in your changes- so you can actually get to those big, exciting goals and those aspects of your life that you’re looking for to celebrating!

Now I’m curious, what are those things that you are kind of putting off or struggling to complete in order to get to a goal that you have?

I really believe that acknowledgement of the goal is really just the beginning. And if I’m being honest with you, I’m never really excited to hear about people’s goals because I find them to be kind of ’pie in the sky,’ ‘waxing and waning’ about what could be, but what I love (live for!) is when you tell me where you’re stuck, where you’re honest and transparent and truly authentic about what you need to get out of stuck, or that you take advice to put it into action, and that we work methodically to get you wherever you want to go.

It’s absolutely possible regardless of what it is and how long it seems like it will take! And I think you’ll find that it’s going feel better. It’s going to stick better (aka be more long lasting and resilient!). And it’s honestly going to be a lifelong lasting change when it’s slow, small and steady.

Let’s talk more about this, soon!

Real change is slow, small, steady… and so rewarding! -KK Fit Tip #1369