Let’s talk about one of those highly unpopular, difficult topics that I just know will get you thinking and (hopefully!) making different decisions.

Stop getting triggered…. and start getting results. (Should I put a mic drop!?)

In all seriousness, I believe just the consideration of this can be incredibly pivotal in your development and the ability to grow and thrive through any and every thing life may have and will throw you!

You know, we’re living in this odd, super P.C. world where everything is an opportunity to piss you off, cause you concern, or create fear, division, and anger (or all three- a lucky trifecta!). And the thing is, I really believe that is precisely what is getting in the way of many of our successes, whether personal or professional.

And so friend, I want to say this again… I actually want to shout this from the mountaintops! (I can say that cause I legit live in the mountains). Seriously, getting triggered gets you nowhere. But if you start focusing on what you want and start getting results in that, you’re going to find the path to more success is more about what you do- not what you say or feel.

Everyone Can Get Triggered, Only Some Get Results

This often comes up in a lot of different ways… l hear it with folks who are working on aspects of their lives and getting through stuck points and even business coaching clients. And it’s always the same- do these sounds familiar? “I’m worried what people will think about me.” “I’m struggling with imposter syndrome.” “I’m fearful that I’m not confident enough to get out of my circumstances.”

But what I’m really hearing is… “I lack the principles, the fundamentals, the consistency in order to really make an impact in my life.”

But I have great news! Every single one of those things is not insurmountable. That is great news, but it’s also what it actually takes for you to get to that higher level of life, higher level of earning, higher level of business. Allowing what gets thrown at you to take your focus away can happen as quickly as a post on social media, something friends and family may say, even some employee or coworker feedback. It’s hard, but instead of letting it keep you triggered your first line of defense is to turn around, look in the mirror and have laser focused vision and action become the things you care about.

It’s a Choice, Really!

I know this may seem easier said than done in the moment, but I need to be honest here and say the thing that almost no one wants to here… getting triggered is a choice!

I mean, that’s the honest truth. It is an action in and of itself- getting frustrated, getting fearful, and being worried. Any and every issue that may come upprovides us a choice that we actually have- which is whether or not we choose to ignore or react differently. We have the right to say, “you do not define me,” to social algorithms like Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and the like!

Get Empowered

You have every right to say, “hey people that try to tell me how to live my life or run my business… you’re not in control of my life. I am!” 🙅

And at the same time, I think we can easily get empowered by those same little moments, those little authentic moments to grow. And the opportunity we need to take advantage of is to gain momentum that will get us to the next step… to get us to going beyond just feeling, thinking and much more focused on doing!

Although I really encourage you to change and examine the way that you’ve maybe let the world affect you lately, whether it’s politics, people, life in general, and everything in between… but also to understand that not only is that in your sphere of control, so is taking action to get exactly where you want to go, doing exactly what you want to do!  That’s where you’ll enjoy the fruits of your success the most!

No matter what aspect of your life or business that you’re working on, allow me to encourage you! Stop getting triggered, start getting results! Because that’s what really matters is living the life that you want to live, creating the business or the career that really helps you to feel good, and that allows you the ability to support the lifestyle that you desire.

Now I will drop that mic 🎤

I get the feeling this is going to hit some nerves, and maybe open up some additional questions and I’m ok with that!

So friends, get out of trigger mode, jump into question and results focus, and let’s talk more about this, soon!

Resilience is not just for surviving the hard parts of life, it’s about thriving every day – no matter what comes your way! -KK Fit Tip #1414