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Fast track your growth with with high impact resources to make more money and reach your goals... without losing your soul!

I lead extraordinary business owners, professionals and career driven #boss types. You work with the industry expert so we ensure you get to the next level of success! My team, businesses and I have worked with industry leaders, companies who have dominant market share, thrive financially and yet also enjoy the personal benefits of being successful... the best part? By offering hands on mentorship and resources, I help you implement the important tactics to grow personally, alongside your professional growth, while also providing ongoing, strategic accountability... every single month. Guaranteed! xoxo KK (Ps. Want to know I'm the real deal? Google KK Hart to learn more) 😁

Access to Ongoing Mentorship + Success Coaching

Implementation Support

Expert Personal and Professional Coaching + Consulting

Comprehensive Strategy, Planning + Support

This is your secret weapon for making big personal and professional dreams happen! I’m proud to provide full service, bespoke and comprehensive support so you avoid burnout in the process of growing and thriving. This means we commit to monthly done-for-you development, accountability and implementation support… No one sized sits all approach here! Sometimes the goal is to help you act as quickly as possible, sometimes it’s to consider and plan, and everything in between matters too. We exist to help you become (more) well + wealthy without losing your soul💯  As a high-touch, truly personal coach providing you with 1:1 access to me and personalized implementation support, I pride myself on helping you get more done, without adding to your to do list. Leverage exclusive access to my 20 years of experience bespoke mentoring, advising and coaching, to catalyze growth, learn new skills, and reach key milestones quicker!

Let’s face it- chronic, ongoing issues need consistent solutions and support… I’m here to help with even the largest challenges- work changes, industry issues, business growth, personal needs etc. Trust me- you don’t want to use random people, overseas freelancers or ‘coaches’ with a few years of limited experience to grow your business. Utilize our resources and best practices for your personal and professional success with an expert. So you can grow and thrive, guaranteed! A multidisciplinary approach means you also have access and connections to best practices and fellow industry titans who are established and focused on going from great to better in their niche- all without feeling competitive or inadequate!

I value uniquely excellent businesses that may look or represent different types of financial, personal, professional and fundamental success. Because of this, you can work with me anywhere, anytime- there’s a blended, asynchronous approach to success that’s possible if you’re meeting digitally, or need a little IRL help at times… Your productivity and wellbeing really does matter! I’m here to help so you can be a passionate, heart leading professional- and I meet you where you are, literally. The ‘For Us, By Us’ approach to personal and professional success means I’ve been where you are, and have a proven blueprint to help you.

Unlike a typical mentor, counselor or life coach, outcomes are more favorable and more consistent… You pay one affordable, monthly fee- I help you GROW! More sales, financial growth, personal achievements, even implementation support to get it all done without adding more to your to do list. We’ve got you! Application process + fee for service means you call the shots, you’re the #boss… I’m simply a part of your expert, advisory team! I bring more to the table than any “educator,” celebrity or Mastermind group… now let me prove it😊

Join a powerful advisory that values quality > quantity and expertise over ideas... all while investing in supporting YOU, and your holistic needs personally + professionally- a first of it's kind offering!

I focus on supporting you to GROW + THRIVE... Daily, ongoing, and with measured outcomes attached to it! Bonus: Well+Wealthy values quality over quantity. I only work with a select few to ensure a game changing, life enhancing experience!

  • Dealing with Professional Burnout
  • Walking Through Major Life Changes: Divorce, Death, Health Concerns, Parenting
  • Life Styling- Preparing for Your Dream Life and Partner to Spend it With
  • Sweat Styling- Sick of the Diet Culture and Workout Cult-ure? I Can Help You Navigate to Find Your Best FIT.
  • Money Management/Financial Literacy, Economic Accountability… Anything and Everything Related to Financial Freedom!
  • Mentorship When Growing an Established Digital or Brick and Mortar Business
  • Working Through Your Deepest, Core Needs Including Issues with Attachment
  • Learn New Ways to Plan and Develop Positive Habits
  • Personal development (productivity, human design etc.)
  • Take Action on Anything + Everything to Meet + Exceed Your Goals
  • Create Your Most Authentic Life… Follow Through on Dreams, Not Tasks

Everything you need to know... to GROW!

I support YOU, #boss! Having success personally and professionally offers a myriad of challenges, growth opportunities and complexities. It takes a solid financial acumen, systems development, recruiting and training talent. It also takes the ability to successfully manage the nuances of leading people to work with each other to accomplish personal and company goals. Often times professionals excel in certain areas of their career/business and, at the same time, struggle with others while being expected to have all the answers. Well + Wealthy is more than just success coaching, it's an accelerator. My expertise is to strengthen areas in that are working and to produce breakthrough results in areas where you are challenged.

Who Can Join?

I focus on improving outcomes that lead to a holistically well, and of course wealthy life for my clients. Whether you need to pivot between vision and implementation, are looking for accountability to follow through, or need direction to get to next steps, I have spend two decades building and working with reliable, dynamic leaders and strong cross-functional businesses. I’m known for my collaborative style, while providing guidance and growth opportunities to drive performance, along with solving complex problems alongside other dedicated professionals. When leveraged correctly, I believe action, not simply a focus on vision, has the power to help individuals at ALL phases of maturity and life, grow and THRIVE! This means no matter stage of growth you’re at (starting out, needing change, established and growing, all the way through to dominant players in your industry!)- I can help! From a day to day perspective, we typically work directly with:

-Business/Company Owners

-Brand Founders

-CEO/C-Suite team

-Independent Professionals such as Real Estate Agents, Agency Founders etc.

Why is KK Qualified to Lead this First-Of-Its-Kind Accelerator?

An experienced, senior-level sales, operations and marketing leader with a passion for bringing businesses and brands to life online and off-line, our team has a multidisciplinary, cross functional skill set, led by renown industry expert KK Hart- who has in depth experience spanning 20 years. Our passion for both digital marketing and technology innovation has been built on a foundation of classic marketing experience leading major brand campaigns in health, beauty, wellness, technology, design & luxury retail. We believe it matters to work with a true expert, so KK is your point of contact, every meeting, any need! We are specialists in supporting professionals who have a need to grow and work in the following niches:

❤️ Small + Medium Businesses

❤️ E-Commerce: Lifestyle + Luxury Retail

❤️ Real Estate + Design

❤️ Boutique Fitness

❤️ Indie Beauty Brands, Spas + Salons

❤️ Software/Tech (SaaS, Fintech etc.)

❤️ Healthcare + Wellness

How Can This Success Coaching Help Me, Really?

You will work with KK to assess the systems and learning needed to improve your life and business needs, typically they fall within one of these 5 critically important areas:

PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT/LEADERSHIP- Learn how to build and create a life worth living- KK literally wrote the book on this type of growth! Building a successful life ultimately will rely upon your commitment to transform your mindset, utilize systems and receive accountability to execute results. All throughout the coaching program you will learn and/or enhance how you lead, which includes:

  • Leading based on the facts your life and desires are telling you
  • How to create a culture of empowered accountability
  • How to have crucial conversations
  • How to delegate tasks and responsibilities
  • Time management
  • Finding and attracting the right people
  • Accomplishing personal and company goals
  • Elevating your mindset (along with action) to enjoy true, lasting success

FINANCIAL- Understand Your Numbers, Track Them Consistently, Increase Profitability next to the vision, mission & values of a successful wellness business, having a strong financial foundation is the critical ingredient in a successful business operation. In the coaching program you will learn or improve upon:

  • Managing your Profit & Loss
  • How to understand the story the numbers are telling you
  • Create a budget based on your current financials and future goals for the business
  • Create sales & marketing goals based on your finances
  • Build, execute and monitor cash flow projections
  • Review and update pricing to support financial objectives

SALES- Set Realistic Goals, Increase Service Sales, Retail Sales, Client Count & Retention Growing your sales is a clear signal from your customers that you are exceeding their expectations. It also serves as a morale booster for you and the team and it strengthens your business financial foundation. In the coaching program you will learn or improve upon:

  • Creating sales goals based upon financial targets and projections
  • Helping team members create sales targets that are based upon personal goals and company objectives
  • Improving the client experience to drive sales, membership subscriptions, product sales and more!
  • Understanding how to see the story your numbers share about performance or lack there of
  • Learning how to expand based on the numbers instead of emotions

MARKETING- Build or Strengthen Your Brand, Implement Promotions that work Marketing programs that work are a successful extension of vision, mission and values of your business. They are also based on strategic analysis of where the business is at and what areas need growth. In the coaching program you will learn or improve upon:

  • Creating marketing promotions based on financial and sales analysis
  • Developing a 12-month marketing calendar complete with promotional materials
  • Strengthening your business’ social media presence
  • How to track & troubleshoot your marketing programs to improve results
  • How to grow & support your team to successfully execute business objectives

OPERATIONS- Implement Systems that Strengthen Your Culture, Increase Staff/Client Retention You can have a clear understanding of your financial and sales objectives and build the best marketing programs to grow but their success will hinge upon how strong of a culture you have built. In the coaching program you will develop or improve upon systems to strengthen your culture. You will work with KK to review & modify your:

  • Employee handbook, policies & procedures
  • Recruiting & interview processes that reduces turnover (essential!)
  • Staff processes & procedures
  • 12 month team training calendar
  • Scripts to handle various scenarios critical to customer service
  • Business operations & systems development operations

It’s Time For Your Revolution, #Boss!