Let’s talk about what makes proactive business owners more successful than reactive business owners.

               I work with some of the top businesses and business owners in multiple industries, and there’s one thing they all have in common. They are proactive in how they approach their team, their finances, their marketing and sales, and every element of operating their business. Are you?

From hobby mode to a thriving, profitable business

This is where I see businesses going from hobby mode into a full-blown thriving, profitable business for years to come. But it’s also where I see a lot of businesses who are spending all their time and energy and not seeing the benefits of being proactive, because they’re sitting back waiting on the sidelines hoping for some sort of pie-in-the-sky dream to come true, instead of putting themselves in a position to actually go out there and grab and achieve that dream. That’s the difference between proactive and reactive.

What can you foresee for the future

               Proactive says, what elements of my business can I foresee for the next six months? And what can I do about them today? Reactive says, I’m looking at the last six months and thinking about all the challenges and the pitfalls and where I’m stuck, and I’m allowing that to limit me from my future. I’m fearful of investing in the business because I’m looking back at difficult times, or I’m sitting back and resting my laurels in the business because I’ve had some good months and I want to coast through that instead of continuing the good times going. Does any of this sound familiar? I see it all the time. If you think about the top 10% of business, they are proactive. They are leaning in at all time. They are constantly chasing their money motives and they’re finding ways to do so while pleasing their customer.

Think long term vs short term

               If you look at many of the businesses that you know of that have either failed, are struggling, you can usually tell, or just having a difficult time finding their way, it is so clear to see that they’re in a reactivity mode versus a proactivity posture just by the little things that they do, right. By how infrequently they are doing the things that are needed for the business, that are long-term for the business, because they’re so busy focused on the short-term and the past. So I want to encourage you today, it is not too late to be proactive in your business. You don’t necessarily need to work with an expert like me to help you coach and consult through those opportunities, but you absolutely need to structure time to be intentional, and yeah, to have the ability and the purpose to invest in your business, so that you, my dear friends, can actually achieve the success that you desire.

               Let’s talk more about this soon! Keep in mind- I do offer a complimentary business analysis and plan, and if we’ve not done one before, I’d love to help you figure out the proactive measures of your business that are needed for today, tomorrow and the years to come.

xoxo KK

Every owner chooses how to grow- if you’re proactive, you focus on preparing… if you’re reactive, you end up focusing on repairing. Which do you want to be? -KK FIT TIP #1234