Let’s talk about why thousands and tens of thousands of people are hitting your website every single month, and you never see them or meet them or sell them anything… there’s a reason, and we’re going to walk the what’s and why’s behind that, together!

I promise this is seriously exciting stuff (especially once you start seeing the benefits in your biz!)… cue overly excited emojis here🙃

The functions of a website

So let’s dive into the functions of a website. I think if one thing has tremendously changed in the last decade is the importance of what a website can mean to scale up your business, sell more of your products or services, and most importantly connects you to your client base. Well, the first is that a website is essentially your business home. So when you think about someone coming over to your physical home or your personal home, we likely want to make it easy for them to get there. We want them to feel comfortable when they’re there and we want them to do whatever the action is that we desire for them.

High function = High value

               Well, the same is the case when it comes to your business website. And I think that’s where particularly as small business owners or as independent content creators, it becomes kind of a challenge to figure out how to make the simplest possible website while still making it functional and high value and extremely educational. So I want to encourage you today to think differently about how you structure your website and maybe completely overhaul the way your website is currently set up. That may seem like a lot to do and invest in, but I can guarantee you one thing, a change to your website equates to more money, more revenue in your pocketbook, will equate to more profit once you scale your website to the point where you can have more and more and more clients hit it and turnkey, turn, whatever you’re selling into something that is easy to execute on.

Getting your digital house in order

               And then more importantly, your website is the home of your business. And so it needs to be fully functional and automated as much as possible so that you go into this new decade, this new century, this new era of being much more tech savvy, and a lot less manual. So this is where I believe a lot of independent owners and creators are going to get really uncomfortable right now. It may seem like having the easiest setup for your website is having a lot of information, making it as simple as possible for you to set it up, but not for the client to navigate. And most importantly, the cheapest possible website you can possibly build. And so I understand that would be your first posture. Where I want to push you out of your comfort zone today is I want you to go into your Google Analytics. And if you do not have Google Analytics set up, I highly recommend you have someone set that up for you and put it on your website.

Real data should lead to real outcomes aka client conversion!

               What that will allow you to do is get some real data, some real numbers to what I’m talking about. And I want you to look at how many clients visited your website in the last calendar month, full month, 30 days. And then I want you to think about how many clients have sold or bought or done anything related to your business that you would consider a success. So whether they purchased a service or a product, they requested information, they reached out to you, they downloaded your lead capture, whatever it may be.

               I’m willing to believe that number is not as high as you’d like it to be. So as marketers, we call that conversion, as a business owner and a fellow business owner, along with you, we that reaching the community that we want to reach, helping the people we want to help. So I want you to think differently about how you structure your website, because it truly is an effective way to grow your business if used appropriately and in this virtual digital world, it must be easy. It must be very simple to navigate, and it must be something that represents what you have to offer visually with audio, with every element of branding so that you can help clients to make that conversion decision a lot faster.

               I’d love to hear your questions as you start considering the stuck points in doing this. Maybe it would be helpful to talk through the benefits of doing this… and every everything in between!

xoxo KK

The best marketers are always creating opportunities, relationships and conversions. Period! – KK FIT TIP #888