Let’s talk about consumer spending habits that you can use to level up your business… right now!

Now, I think this is a really interesting time where we think that consumers are more socially focused and looking to help your business because you’re potentially a small business, maybe you’re woman owned or diverse. And actually, the consumer data tells us the exact opposite. Consumer data right now tells us that clients are most interested in whatever meets their needs. That means if you have a business that is actually providing value, you’re not going to have a hard time getting clients to give you money. Whether it’s for a service or a product, whether it’s in person, whether it’s online. Here is where you’re going to have trouble, finding the client that is best for you.

Focus on your target audience

               When you think about building an audience or attracting the right client, one of the things we often overlook as small and independent business owners is the fact that there has to be the right fit. If I sit with you as a coach and you tell me that basically anyone can be your client, the first thing that tells me is you’re not niche enough. You’re not specific enough to provide enough value for a client to see very quickly and make a decision on. So when I think about spending habits that make sense, I want you to think broad. First at who is your target client. Then I want you to zoom into that target client’s needs and their spending habits tell us that yes, they’re willing to spend on the things that bring them value.

               However, they do a ton of research before they do so. The average client in our industry’s fitness, beauty, health, wellness, small business, or tech, they’re generally wanting to touch or get a feel for your business about seven to 12 times before they make a buying decision. You know what that means for you and for me as a marketer? They do not click and buy. Can I say that again? They do not simply click and buy!

No quick fixes here

               So it’s not instant. This is the time to nurture a relationship, not to give everything away for free. So here my heart. Not to spam and scam them with a bunch of click bait lead capture type stuff. But instead to create a process that’s built into your website, that’s built into whatever you have to offer that allows clients to get to know you along the way, to nurture a relationship and to determine if you’re a best fit. The spending habits of the now are that clients want exactly what they want. They don’t need a lot of choices, they don’t need some really unique offering that doesn’t make sense to them, but they do need something that fits the niche that they’re looking to fill. Whether it’s personal or professional and that is delivered in a way, whether in person or online, that makes sense to them.

Forget content, the CLIENT is king

               The client here is king. So I believe if you’re going to market to your clients, then the marketing is queen. So although the client is king, the marketing is actually runs the business and runs the client’s experience. Think of it at home, right? Like my husband is the king of our home, but I’m the queen. I run this whole thing. And so for you, although I always want to put your clients first, I also want to encourage you to put your marketing right alongside it so the two meet and your clients understand your value proposition and they make that buying decision that we all want them to. That is the spending habit that you and I want to affect the most.

               So, let’s talk more about this, soon! I want to understand where you are in your client journey, I want to understand where you’re stuck with growing new clients. And most importantly, if you have any retention issues that come up as you try this. That’s one surefire way to know that you’re growing fast when you see clients starting and stopping your digital services, or you see clients that are buying and not recurring in their buying. That is your best first step.

xoxo KK

Seek first to understand your clients, then sell them something! -KK FIT TIP #999