Let’s talk about the ongoing strategic benefit of working with an external coach or consultant. It’s one of those questions that’s not commonly asked, but is the root of why many businesses don’t really get to the next level. A big part of that is because honestly, as a business owner myself, I understand the complexities of what you navigate every day, specifically if you’re an owner and operator. And so when I think about all of those hats that you’re putting on, right? The multiple hats throughout the day, throughout the weeks, one of the biggest struggles with that is the ability to be proactive rather than active.

The myth of working in vs on the business

So, for instance, many times business owners will tell me that it’s very hard when you’re working in the business or even externally on the business to have the vision and have the execution that it takes to get from one level to another.

               I’ll give you an example. Owning and operating one studio is a lot like having one kid. It’s a lot of work at first, but once you’ve created some systems and you’ve had the right people on board, it’s a much simpler process to replicate and get to your second or third studio. So, similarly enough, typically when clients are running around wearing all those hats, doing all those different things, they lack the foresight of what it takes to set up that first studio to get to the second or the third. And so I think it’s a really important aspect of when you’re considering a working relationship like this is, can you do this in an ongoing proactive manner? And I know it makes me a little bit unique since most people that consult or coach typically want to work with you in a finite period of time.

Your Chief Revenue Officer

               I find that to be extremely limiting for one reason only. My role is essentially an outsourced chief revenue officer. So, what that means for you is that you get someone who is constantly looking at the needs of the business as relates to growing more revenue, acquiring more clients, converting those clients into paying customers, and then keeping those paid customers is something we often call retention. So, my entire goal in my working relationships is ongoingly working towards that cause, much like a chief revenue officer would. And typically, especially in small business and in the fitness, beauty and wellness industries, we don’t have someone who does that for us. And so my role is quite unique and I know my position on coaching and consulting is quite unique. And the reason for it is outcomes. It is the number one reason that clients work with me.

Shared success and outcomes

               I don’t just satisfaction guarantee their working relationship, but I can actually attain and attest to their outcomes. We can measure it. We can track it. We can improve it. And that tangible-ness, that lack of spaghetti at the wall approach, is really encouraging for a lot of people because it gives them a chance to know what the outcomes can be from our working relationship beyond just, I’m going to say it, mindset. I know many times you probably run into or heard of coaches that focus on changing your heart and opening up doors and thinking, and then you’ll become rich. And I actually respect those people for what they believe that they’re doing. And I have no disrespect, no shade to that version of the industry. It’s just not where I think you’re best served. You’re best served with someone who essentially is working in your business on your business, just like you, but with an external perspective.

Don’t just analyze, take action

               So, that goes way beyond thinking and growing rich. It has to do with being able to go into your software, pull reports, track, measure, and repeat the things that are working well, and also provide you a strategic insight when things are not going well. And I think that’s the difficulty of having a role like this that’s in the business versus someone who’s out of the business. Speaking a bit from my own experience, because I’ve worked with so many different industries and so many different aspects of our core industry, I know what works, right? I have best practices. I have templates. I have literally copy and paste files of things that I know have worked for clients. And yet I know that just giving you that, having you download that, is not in your best benefit either. Why? Because it needs to be customized.

Personalized, period

               It needs to be personalized to your needs, the business’ needs, to your target client. And you can see just from what I’m sharing with you, this goes way beyond a one-time experience or a short-term experience. Every single time your business hits a plateau or needs to grow, there has to be this level of proactivity, this level of customization, and this level of insight that is both outside and inside that you can use to your benefit. So, you can see I’m, of course, extremely proactive about sharing this, because I believe that so many of you think about your business as quite limited, and without thinking about your next step, you’re not able to get there. And so I look at the times that we’ve recently faced and a lot of what I see is a lot of this, whatever it takes to get to next month, behavior.

               And I think I look at the outside with the majority the best known industries, and this is how they’ve leaned in into some difficult times. What I’ve seen, though, is a dramatic difference between someone like that versus one of my clients, that I can give you a persona of, who is growing and pivoting just like everyone else. But there’s just this sense of, “I know I’m going to make it through.” There’s this sense of, “I know who my target client is.” There’s this posture of, “I can invest in the business because I know how to manage my money. I know how to manage my staff.” And that’s just extremely, I’m learning, unique.

Become better than the best

               And so if I look at that client, I can now replicate every single client that I work with and say with exact certainty, one of the main reasons they feel not just confident, but they’re seeing it in their purse or pocket, is that level of proactive, very entrenched, very strategic approach to their business that goes beyond just me and them working together, but how they’ve postured themselves as owners, right? How they’ve leaned into the business needs. And so I want to give you that perspective today, because I imagine there’s so many people out there, whether you’re a content creator, you own a brick and mortar business, or you’re just getting started, that just feels stuck, right?

               You may feel like you’re doing the same thing every day and you’re getting by, but you’re not really taking things to the next level. You’re not really able to look and discern with some level of certainty that you will be able to be more profitable next year, to expand your business no matter what that looks like, or how about to go deeper with the virtual business that you’ve grown and created. And I think that’s where I’m shamelessly sharing this information with you, because I believe it is one of the things that we need in order to be well-positioned for the future. So, I hope this was helpful. I’d love to take your questions. Throw them in the comments below, or shoot me a message.

You can always reach out and set up time on my calendar to talk about your business!

xoxo KK

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