Let’s talk about when it’s time to move on… whether it’s your staff, maybe it’s your business model, or really ANY issue that you’re facing and may be stuck on! When is it time to leave that behind and move on to something else?!

You know, I often talk about being consistent and sticking it out when times get tough… and I fully believe in that in many instances! But I think there is a time when there are elements of your life and elements of your business that will require you to know when to keep pursuing and when to change directions.

When to Keep Pursuing and When to Change Directions

I think it’s not as popular to talk about this, because oftentimes in our culture, we’re so focused on the external, it’s hard to even be able to hear really where we’re at and where we’re struggling and how we feel through all the noise of the day of life.

I think it’s incredibly important that you are using intuition as part of- only a part- but yes, a part of your business techniques and life techniques to becoming successful. You know the thing is, intuition feels really hocus pocus like and just this new age “feel, think, and you’ll know” garbage. But I really believe that if we learn to listen to our intuition, to our guide, to whatever you believe is kind of leading you, we can really find even greater success!

Good News! Oftentimes, that’s quite a bit faster and more efficient. And overall, utilizing intuition can be part of your qualitative measures of success! I also truly believe there has to be some metrics, some data or some thing that helps you quantitatively so that the two can work together.

So whether it’s time to hire or fire, or maybe it’s time to add or remove some aspect of your business. Or there’s an aspect of your life that you really haven’t had the time to focus on this would be one of those intuition gut check moments that I would recommend you taking some time to think through. Feel free to sit still for as long as you need to so you can figure out what is the thing keeping you from that next level of success, of feeling even better than you do now of reaching or attaining goals you didn’t even think were possible?!

I’ll wait here until you return….😉

Getting to the Next Level

I think oftentimes what ends up coming out are the things that we need to move on from, as well as the things that we need to level up in. But we’re often so focused on getting to that other level and the excitement, all of the energy around that, tends to distract us instead of encouraging us to look at the areas in which it’s time for us to close some doors. To be honest, I hear a lot of this in my business coaching practice. Where it’s anything from staff issues, client issues, maybe you’re even going after the wrong target client in your marketing, but you’re often digging your heels in- instead of focusing on whatever it takes to get you to the next level!

We’re sometimes fighting to make it work when it’s time to let go instead…. (Shock!). And for some reason, we think that it’s commendable or the right step for us to do so. I have news for you friend. Sometimes it is, but sometimes it’s not!

So maybe your intuition is telling you something different from what you’re comfortable hearing! Maybe your experiences are telling you something you need to do differently, and perhaps it’s time to make some drastic changes in that department. It’s👏 time 👏to 👏move 👏on.

I’m addressing this because it seems to be coming up A LOT in those areas on the business side, because I do believe we’re in this very unique time in the world. There’s a lot of fluff… There’s not a lot of substance in the business world. And so, for you to pursue better staff relationships, for you to take your business to a whole deeper level of financial success (to name a few!)… it’s going to require some authenticity, some transparency, and definitely a little bit of magic! A little bit of, “what am I willing to roll up my sleeves and get done?!”

Authenticity, Transparency and

Boy oh boy… is there a whole lot of noise!!! There are so many distractions, and there’s a lot of things aggressively vying for your attention (hello again, social media, mainstream news etc!).

So as a business owner, right, as the #boss, I think it’s important to really think through the tough questions at times. The ‘what do I need to do’, and also ‘what do I need to say no to,’ ‘what doors do I need to close’ and ‘who do I need to send away?’

I know from personal and professional experience that this is one area that is reeeeally challenging to do! Because if you understand the brain and human behavior, you understand that we have this propensity for risk adversity. It likely feels really scary to walk away from something, or close a door that has potential, right?!

Don’t we all LOVE potential!? Everyone seems to love potential…. We focus on it all day long in our interpersonal and professional relationships. And really, what we need to do is say, “with exactly what I have in front of me right now, with exactly who this person is, with exactly what this circumstance is.

Am I okay with it? Can I live with it? Can I grow with it? Can I accept it?”

And then, you know, whether or not it’s the thing that you need to embrace, or if it’s time for you to say ‘girl, bye’ or sayonara 👋.

I want to encourage you and empower you in that today! I know, it sometimes this brings up difficult conversations that need to be had, you know, nuances of llegalities and things that need to be addressed. And I’m here for all of it, and here for you!

But for now I just want to encourage you to be still and to realize:

Where do you need to be?

What’s keeping you back from being there?

Jackpot! That very thing is probably the thing(s), or people, or places- all of it- that you need to move on from.

Let’s talk a little more about this, soon.

One of happiest moments in life and business is when you find the courage to let go of what you can’t change (and instead take action on what you can!) KK Fit Tip #1789